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Revision ec2db89 by Remigiusz Fiedler (blender2.4)
June 23, 2010, 09:14 (GMT)
DXF-exporter script update: v1.37 - 2010.06.23 by migius
- APPLY-MODIFIER: added exception for modifier-free instances to export them as BLOCK/INSERTs

DXF-export library update: v1.35 - 2010.06.23 by migius
- added (as default) writing to DXF file without RAM-buffering: faster and low-RAM-machines friendly

Commit Details:

Full Hash: ec2db89d1d30de8a48bffdefc33417d4733faeb6
SVN Revision: 29640
Parent Commit: 9927b36
Lines Changed: +65, -34

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