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Revision fb74dcc by William Reynish (master)
December 14, 2019, 17:48 (GMT)
UI: Brush Settings overhaul

This makes a number of changes to the tool settings brush UI:

- All brush-related controls are now grouped together, so you can see which items are brush settings are which are not. Previously it was all jumbled together.
- The brush picker is in a separate panel, so that you can switch brushes without worrying about the settings, or vice versa.
- Custom Icon settings moved from the Display settings(now known as Cursor) to the Brushes panel.
- UnifiedPaintSettings panels are removed and the contained options are now next to their relevant setting with a globe icon toggle. This is not displayed in the header.
- 2D Falloff and Absolute Jitter toggles were changed into enums, to make it clearer what happens when they are on or off.
- Adjust Strength for Spacing option was in the Options panel in some modes, but in the Stroke panel in others. It is now always under Stroke.
- Display (now Cursor) panel was reorganized, settings renamed.
- 2-option enums are annoying as a drop-down menu, so they are now drawn with expand=True.
- Smooth Stroke and Stabilizer options in grease pencil and other paint modes are now both called "Stabilize Stroke", for consistency and clarity.
- De-duplicated some drawing code between various painting modes' brush options. I tried to keep de-duplication reasonable and easy to follow.
- A few more tweaks - see D5928 for the extensive list.

Most of the patch is written by Demeter Dzadik, with some additions by myself

Differential Revision:
Reviewers: Pablo Dobarro, Bastien Montagne, Matias Mendiola

Commit Details:

Full Hash: fb74dcc5d69d07f641e318557f679b95e52297a0
Parent Commit: 16206b6
Lines Changed: +1364, -1600

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