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"Soc-2021-uv-editor-improvements" branch

Total commits : 28
Total committers : 1
First Commit : June 8, 2021
Latest Commit : July 17, 2021

Commits by Month

DateNumber of Commits
July, 202111
June, 202117


AuthorNumber of Commits
Siddhartha Jejurkar28

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July 17, 2021, 16:10 (GMT)
Merge branch 'master' into soc-2021-uv-editor-improvements
July 17, 2021, 15:56 (GMT)
UV: Keymaps for offsetting selected UVs

Adds keymaps to offset selected UVs by a fixed distance in a specified direction.
Refer T78405
July 10, 2021, 12:02 (GMT)
UV: Absolute grid snap for UV editor

Adds a UI toggle for absolute grid snap when using Increment snapping in
UV editor. This implementation mimics the behavior observed with the
same toggle in the 3D viewport.
July 8, 2021, 18:29 (GMT)
Merge branch 'master' into soc-2021-uv-editor-improvements
July 8, 2021, 10:18 (GMT)
Merge branch 'master' into soc-2021-uv-editor-improvements
July 4, 2021, 17:21 (GMT)
UV: Increment snapping based on new UV grid types

Since the default UV editor grid has been replaced with a new
subdividing grid and dynamic grid (T78389) has also been implemented,
increment snapping value needs to change according to the grid
configuration in use.

This commit ensures that the increment snapping value is changed
according to the grid dimensions currently in use.
Example - For a NxN grid the increment value is set as 1/N
July 4, 2021, 14:49 (GMT)
Cleanup: Refactor reusable code into functions

New functions for :
* Calculating current zoom factor used for determining the grid
resolution in UV/Image editor
* Calculating grid steps for determining the grid spacings in UV/Image
July 4, 2021, 09:59 (GMT)
Cleanup: Use struct pointer

Replace struct variables to use pointers instead
July 3, 2021, 08:59 (GMT)
Fix: Pack islands to area operator

* Correct packing area coordinates for cases when user sets the maximum
coordinates to be lower than the minimum coordinates
* Cancel operator when scale option is disabled and packing area is not
big enough for selected islands. Also display warning message in UI
when this happens
July 1, 2021, 12:59 (GMT)
Merge branch 'master' into soc-2021-uv-editor-improvements
July 1, 2021, 06:32 (GMT)
Change the max limit for Dynamic grid

The max limit for dynamic grid was set at 12. This commit changes that
to 5000
June 30, 2021, 15:50 (GMT)
Minor Cleanup

* Remove printf statements
* Use enums
June 30, 2021, 13:15 (GMT)
Merge branch 'master' into soc-2021-uv-editor-improvements
June 30, 2021, 06:25 (GMT)
UV: Replace default grid with subdividing grid

Replaces the default static grid with a dynamically subdividing grid.
This means that zooming in the UV editor will add more divisions to
the grid and vice versa when zooming out.
June 26, 2021, 08:32 (GMT)
UV: Dynamic Grid

Adds the option to replace the default grid in the UV editor with a NxN

Refer T78389
June 25, 2021, 13:41 (GMT)
Merge branch 'master' into soc-2021-uv-editor-improvements
June 23, 2021, 15:40 (GMT)
UV: Display packing area coordinates

Adds properties for displaying packing area coordinates in the pack
islands to area operator.
Also fixes the issue of modified packing coordinates when the user zooms
in/out in the editor before redoing the operator from the properties
panel in UI.
June 23, 2021, 15:28 (GMT)
Fix: Release memory before cancelling operator
June 23, 2021, 15:12 (GMT)
Cleanup : UV pack operators

* Remove printf statements
* Use float constants instead of double
* Cleanup comments
* enum to make code better readable
June 21, 2021, 13:40 (GMT)
Merge branch 'master' into soc-2021-uv-editor-improvements

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