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Michael Kowalski (makowalski)

Total Commits : 281
Master Commits : 1
Branch Commits : 280
First Commit : September 30, 2020
Latest Commit : August 3, 2021 (Today)

Commits by Month

DateNumber of Commits
August, 20213
July, 202145
June, 202124
May, 202128
April, 202151
March, 202141
February, 202120
January, 20211
December, 202017
November, 202020
October, 202030
September, 20201

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Lines Added10 76239.4
Lines Removed6 75124.7

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Revision ea54cbe by Michael Kowalski / Sybren A. Stvel (master)
7 hours 52 min ago
USD: add USD importer

This is an initial implementation of a USD importer.

This work is comprised of Tangent Animation's open source USD importer,
combined with features @makowalski had implemented.

The design is very similar to the approach taken in the Alembic
importer. The core functionality resides in a collection of "reader"
classes, each of which is responsible for converting an instance of a
USD prim to the corresponding Blender Object representation.

The flow of control for the conversion can be followed in the
`import_startjob()` and `import_endjob()` functions in `usd_capi.cc`.
The `USDStageReader` class is responsible for traversing the USD stage
and instantiating the appropriate readers.

Reviewed By: sybren, HooglyBoogly

Differential Revision: https://developer.blender.org/D10700
Revision bf5d1aa by Michael Kowalski (usd-importer-T81257-merge)
1 day and 4 hours ago
USD importer: fixed typo

Fixed typo in copyright block comments.
Revision 33f42f9 by Michael Kowalski (usd-importer-T81257-merge)
1 day and 13 hours ago
USD importer: updated copyright notices.

Explicitly acknowledged adaptation from the Alembic
importer implementation and copyright by Kevin Dietrich.
Revision 90473cf by Michael Kowalski (usd-importer-T81257-merge)
July 29, 2021, 17:15 (GMT)
USD import: remove placeholder bezier curve code

The placeholder code for the unimplemented functionality
of importing bezier curves was causing a crash. It has
been removed until support for beziers can be properly
Revision dbe0bb4 by Michael Kowalski (usd-importer-T81257-merge)
July 29, 2021, 16:59 (GMT)
Updated USDMeshReader comments
Revision 29536a7 by Michael Kowalski (usd-importer-T81257-merge)
July 29, 2021, 16:28 (GMT)
USD import: update copyright notices
Revision bf908e2 by Michael Kowalski (usd-importer-T81257-merge)
July 28, 2021, 00:39 (GMT)
USD import: convert sun angle to radians

Now converting USD distant light angle from degrees
to radians.
Revision 1c42e28 by Michael Kowalski (usd-importer-T81257-merge)
July 27, 2021, 16:40 (GMT)
USD import: validate light attributes

Added checks to validate light attributes
and values, to help avoid errors when reading
light settings which might not have been
Revision 63e6494 by Michael Kowalski (usd-importer-T81257-merge)
July 27, 2021, 01:42 (GMT)
USD import: bug detecting mesh topology change

Fixed mesh reader logic detecting topology changes in mesh
sequence animations, which avoids a crash in some cases.
Revision 3e9249d by Michael Kowalski (usd-importer-T81257-merge)
July 26, 2021, 02:08 (GMT)
USD import: gray out disabled options.

Now graying out, instead of hiding, disabled options.

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