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Sebastian Parborg (zeddb)

Total Commits : 244
Master Commits : 130
Branch Commits : 114
First Commit : July 11, 2018
Latest Commit : June 4, 2020 (Yesterday)

Commits by Month

DateNumber of Commits
June, 20202
May, 202014
April, 202014
March, 20209
February, 20201
January, 20201
December, 20195
November, 20196
October, 20197
September, 201928
August, 201911
July, 201919
June, 20198
May, 20194
April, 20199
March, 20199
February, 20197
January, 20195
December, 20189
November, 20188
October, 20184
September, 20189
August, 201835
July, 201820

Commit Distribution

PathNumber of Commits

Favourite Files

FilenameTotal Edits

File Changes

ActionTotalPer Commit
Added1 5016.2

Code Changes

ActionTotalPer Commit
Lines Added12 18853.5
Lines Removed5 98726.3

Latest commits Feed

Revision 42c974e by Sebastian Parborg (particle-solver-dev)
17 hours 40 min ago
Fixed "popping" and some tunneling issues with moving colliders
Revision fb91940 by Sebastian Parborg (particle-solver-dev)
June 2, 2020, 14:42 (GMT)
Calculate normals from collision triangles using the closest point
Revision 4464a94 by Sebastian Parborg (master)
May 25, 2020, 16:59 (GMT)
Calculate epsilon values for interp_weights_poly to improve accuracy

interp_weights_poly_v2 would have too large epsilon values for small
polygons. To solve this we now calculate the appropriate epsilon value
so it can gracefully handle big and small values.

To make sure there was no regression, these changes were tested with the
files in T36105, T31581. Also with a surface deform modifier test file
attached in the differential below.

Reviewed By: Brecht

Differential Revision: http://developer.blender.org/D7772
Revision dd62d95 by Sebastian Parborg (master)
May 19, 2020, 15:10 (GMT)
Merge branch 'blender-v2.83-release'
Revision 7fcf2e7 by Sebastian Parborg (master)
May 19, 2020, 14:27 (GMT)
Fix T74577: world_to_camera_view broken for off-axis projection

The issue was that the projection would be inverted.
So if you shifted 0.1 along the y axis, world_to_camera_view would act
as if you had shited it -0.1 along the y axis.
Revision 82bda82 by Sebastian Parborg (master)
May 19, 2020, 10:22 (GMT)
Fix T76541: OpenGl Depth Picking not selecting frontmost object

The issue was that we used GL_ALWAYS for depth checking here which would
lead to the depth information from objects being messed up.

It would not represent which object was closest to the camera.

Reviewed By: Clment Foucault, Jeroen Bakker, Campbell Barton

Differential Revision: http://developer.blender.org/D7710
Revision 25dea3e by Sebastian Parborg (master)
May 19, 2020, 10:22 (GMT)
Fix T76717: Set Rotation Mode Incorrectly Recalculates Bone Rotation In Pose Mode

The issue was that we didn't convert the current rotational values.
We simply just switched mode without doing any data conversions.
Revision 10528a5 by Sebastian Parborg (master)
May 19, 2020, 10:22 (GMT)
Fix Frame Dropping not dropping the correct amount of frames

Previously the playback mode "Frame Dropping" would not drop the correct
number of frames which would lead to slow playback.

For example, the playback target is 60fps. However we can only muster
around 32 fps.

The delta frames from the last step is in this case ~1.98 or so.

With the previous code, we would floor this. That would lead us to step
forward one frame each time, effectively playing back the animation at
half the speed as we will try to render every frame.

To fix this we simply save the remaining fraction from the previous
frame and use it to compute the current frame step.

Reviewed By: Sybren

Differential Revision: http://developer.blender.org/D7694
Revision 24e5c64 by Sebastian Parborg (master)
May 19, 2020, 10:21 (GMT)
Made pose push/relax to breakdown behave smooth on rotations

A follow up to T67212. I missed that the rotation interpolation had its
own code path.

The previous rotation push code was actually wrong (but smooth).

Now all of the actions behave correctly and is smoothly interpolated.
Revision 27cac4a by Sebastian Parborg (master)
May 18, 2020, 13:50 (GMT)
Fix T62422: Baking ray distance do not work

The previous naming scheme for the "selected to active" baking options
lead to confusion and they were not describing what they actually did.

To remedy this, I've added a new settings that does what the older setting implied it did.

Reviewed By: Brecht, Dalai, Andy Davies

Differential Revision: http://developer.blender.org/D7733

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