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Realistista sadetta Dynamic Paintilla

17.09.2010    15 Kommenttia

Edellisestä videosta inspiroituneena kokeilin tehdä jotain vähän raskaampaa Dynamic Paintilla.

Lopputulos, realistinen sade:

Videossa on yhteensä 500 000 sadepartikkelia. Huomattavaa on, että maassa näkyvä tehoste on pelkkä Dynamic Paintilla generoitu materiaali. Jokainen piste ja roiske on realistista vuorovaikutusta niiden 500 000 partikkelin kanssa!

Toteutus on yksinkertainen: asetin maalitekstuurin muuttamaan maan tummuutta ja heijastavuutta, sekä nopeasti kuivuvan wetmapin muuttamaan pinnan epätasaiseksi sekä luomaan valkoisia roiskepilkkuja.

Tavallaan tämä myös sai Blenderistä yhä vakaamman. Videota tehdessäni löysin ikävän bugin partikkelijärjestelmästä. Se on nyt korjattu kun reporttasin sen partikkeleita kehittävälle jahkalle. :)

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English Mikhail P. Schalk
18.09.2010 02:53
That's so awesome. It looked like the water was really building up on the ground. The possibilities of this just solve so many difficult effects problems.

What was the particle calculation time and render times?

You're going to need to do a tutorial on this! And all the effects this can do :P
I was thinking, you did a footprints in snow demo -if you used this for footprints in sand would there be some way to make it look like little sand particles partly collapse into the footprint after the foot leaves like would occur in real sand? Or even like simulate the effect of wind brushing back over the sand smoothing it back out. (I've got a project that involves a lot of sand+desert stuff)
This could even be good with like battle scenes as an easy way to add bullet holes or battle damage or cut wounds on skin +dirt from the battle getting kicked up...

This just continues to impress me more and more. Keep up the great work!
English Big Fan
18.09.2010 06:58
Amazing! Wonderful! I'll take 3 gift wrapped!
English peter
18.09.2010 14:07
This looks great man :)

English MiikaH
18.09.2010 19:02
@Mikhail P. Schalk

There isn't (at least yet) a way to "collapse" displace maps. But I think you could fake something similar by using a spreading paint map as a mask for displace texture.

It isn't simple and requires some knowledge of Blender texturing, but it should be possible. :p
English Reyn
19.09.2010 15:06
Thanks for the proof of concept, Miika. At first it didn't seem too convincing but as the rain particles settled down, it became more and more natural-looking. However, it seemed like the movement of the water is gaining towards the center, like the plane has been elevated somewhere in the middle, or it might just be me. It would be good to see some water dripping from the shade/umbrella too. But this alone is a kick ass demo!

Thanks a lot for sharing.

English chamanero
19.09.2010 19:52
an tutorial men!, please!!!
English wraybowling
20.09.2010 00:46
Phenomenal! I think I understood your short explanation conceptually, but I might have to agree with everyone here: A tutorial would allow us to get our hands wet with your tool. I'm curious what the all that simple logic looks like in the GUI -- making any new feature easy to use is crucial.
English Filipe Soares Dilly
20.09.2010 14:46
Oh my god. =D

I will need this tool on one of the shorts of the Detail Library project!

Will this be integrated?
(we can pay you next year to finish this! I'm serious! Despite having to talk to others about it)
English pso 3D
21.09.2010 14:36
wow very nice !
Super Realistic perfect
Fantastic!!! :)

English nevada
22.09.2010 04:44
good very good
English RAfek
24.09.2010 21:10
wonderful very very wonderful

but pleas don't forget the tutorial
English peter
27.09.2010 00:33
English Sam
04.10.2010 14:44
Very good indeed! Small tutorial would be great even it's "too" simple ;)
English Karthik
05.10.2010 18:12
A tutorial... please, please. This is awesome. It's just as good as reactor particles.
English cycerus
27.11.2010 20:40

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