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Dynamic Paint Smudge

05.08.2011    5 Kommenttia

GSoC 2011Now it's possible to set Dynamic Paint brushes to "smudge" existing paint as they move. By functionality it's very similar to smudge/smear tools found in typical 2D image manipulation programs. This feature is part of my "velocity brush" experiments from last week.

Here is a video of basic smudge:

And now using a particle system as a brush:

Other velocity based new features include possibility to use brush speed to define it's influence and color, and to make canvas velocity or acceleration to affect "drip effect".

Though, I really can't think of any situation where velocity painting would be essential, but hopefully someone will find it useful! :)

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English Big Fan
06.08.2011 03:17
great stuff again!
Blender 2.6 is going to rock :)
English CGEffex
07.08.2011 11:34
Is this in you're branch yet?
English Pyroevil
09.08.2011 18:50
velocity thing is usefull !
Example : A meteorites crash on the ground and affect (displacement) the ground depending of it's impact speed.
Good job , continue your good work !
English Pyroevil
09.08.2011 18:51
i forget my five star :)
English Kentamanos
31.08.2011 22:21
Very nice work!

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