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Testing Blender Particle Fluids

24.09.2010    6 Kommenttia

Yesterday jahka committed an update that fixes most particle collision stability issues. Previously SPH fluids were quite much unusable due to stability issues. Fluid kept "exploding" randomly no matter the settings. Now, after the fix, it seems very stable.

Here is a test of a pool being filled with particle fluid. No way you could have done this a week ago, but now I see no stability issues at all!

Too bad Farsthary hasn't finished his fluid surface generator. Now one can only render fluids as particles or as a volumetric texture. So no reflections or transparency is possible. :(

In case someone is wondering why I'm not writing the Dynamic Paint guide instead. Well, I gotta have some fun too. Particle fluids is something I've been waiting for a long time, and now as it finally works, I'm gonna play with it for a while. :p

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English Piero
24.09.2010 21:25
That's a cool test.
English AniCator
25.09.2010 09:02
What if you use meta balls as particle objects? *tries it out* oh wait. Never mind. Stupid meta balls. :P
English Demohero
26.09.2010 08:57
Great work. This reminds me of Black Smoke (from Lost) :)
English mcreamsurfer
26.09.2010 21:47
Thanks for sharing. I didn't notice the recent collision fix - so thanks. I started playing with it too and hope there's going to be more interesting development into SPH Dynamic stuff and of course your dynamic paint system (it's fun:)
English edi
28.09.2010 06:27
Hey, thanks for that. Hopefully Raul will finish the mesh-surface for SPH someday. Do you know why he stopped working on it?
English Gabriel Roque
06.10.2010 18:26

Very very nice!!!

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