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Nimi: CDBurnerXP
Lisenssi: Freeware
Järjestelmä: Windows
Päivitetty: 03.03.2013
Kotisivu: CDBurnerXP

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Nimi : CDBurnerXP
Tiedot : cdbxp_setup_4.5.0.3717.exe
CDBurnerXP on helppokäyttöinen CD, DVD ja Blu-ray -levyjen luontiohjelma.

Ohjelmassa on selkeä käyttöliittymä jonka kautta onnistuu data- ja äänilevyjen luominen, ISO-levykuvien polttaminen sekä levyjen kopioiminen.

Lisäksi ohjelmassa on mahdollisuus luoda ISO-levykuvia ja konvertoida BIN tai NRG -levykuvia ISO-muotoon.

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Muutosloki :

Version - 2012-09-22 13:41
+ Added support for new audio format "Opus"
* Added Hungarian installer translation
! Fixed an AccessViolationException when loading certain audio files
! Fixed a bug with custom speed selection
! Fixed: When opening an audio compilation, the saved order might not be restored

Version - 2012-08-01 18:01
+ Added Serbian translation
* Also show playlist file types in file open dialog
! Fixed (new try) burning speed possibly being changed during multi disc burning sessions
! Fixed: Relatively rooted paths are not read correctly from playlist files

Version - 2012-06-26 17:57
! Fixed: Custom speeds are removed when burning process starts
! Do not offer auto update if newer version is already installed
! Fixed an error when starting to burn a data disc

Version - 2012-06-09 20:27
* Remove audio track sorting when loading a compilation
! Fixed burning speed possibly being changed during multi disc burning sessions
! Fixed application not exiting properly on Windows XP
! Fixed: When dragging multiple files from the integrated file browser, files are not taken in the displayed order (depending on the file selected for dragging)

Version - 2012-05-01 13:32
+ Added column "File name" to track list
+ Added "Send to" integration to installer
+ Georgian installer translation (and translation updates)
+ Estonian installer translation
* Improved support for right to left languages
! Fixed tree view being out of sync after rename (UDF)
! Fixed: Required hard disk space is not properly checked when copying

Version - 2012-04-01 17:28
+ Added possibility to use burning speeds that the burning device does not report as supported
+ Randomize tracks feature for audio discs
! Fixed: Renaming does not work if UDF is being used (workaround until NMS is replaced by StarBurn)

Version - 2012-03-01 18:01
! Ukrainian translation has not been deployed properly
! Changed StarBurn DLL to older version (2968 did not include the ideal version)

Version - 2012-02-28 22:42
* Cover printing: If no custom image is used and the track list exceeds 28 tracks, the first page is also used as track list
* Added refresh by interval to disc checking dialog for the case that Windows message notifications don't work.
- Switched back to older StarBurn burning library due to a couple of stability issues.

Version - 2012-01-07 14:52
+ --wait-for-disc command
! Fixed a FormatException in the property dialog
! Fixed: Window size of data/audio window is not preserved correctly when closed in minimized state
! Fixed an ArgumentException in the video DVD burning dialog (path enclosed in quotes)
! Fixed: Handle exceptions for "save as" / audio compilations
! Fixed a StackOverflowException when cancelling
! Fixed: Incorrect error message when making multiple copies with same source and target device
! Fixed: If only one language is installed, use it as default
! Fixed: The name suggested for burning video DVDs may exceed the maximum length
! Fixed error "Incorrect BASS.DLL version (2.3 is required)" if an old version of bass_aac.dll has been copied to a Windows system folder

Version - 2011-12-02 21:43
+ Added support for BIN/CUE files (audio CD burning)
* Made updater compatible to both versions of .NET Framework
* CDBurnerXP will now ask before installing an update to prevent surprises
* Updated burning library for more reliable audio burning
! Fixed a visual glitch in the video DVD burning dialog
! Fixed: Progress for multiple disc copies updated incorrectly
! Secure erase method now works properly

Version - 2011-11-07 19:59
+ DVD-Video folders can now be dropped on the video DVD burning dialog
+ The visiblity of columns in the file selection view can now be controlled per context menu
* Automatically append (1) ... (X) to the disc names for disc spanning
* Added workaround for incorrectly written UTF-8 tags
* Disabled digital signature verification to improve startup time
! Fixed two 64 bit files in x86 MSI installer
! Prevent ArgumentException in video DVD burning dialog for whitespace file paths
! Fixed error: "The SAO mode only is allowed for burning MDS!"
! Adjusted width of time column for English date time formats

Version - 2011-10-31 22:12
! Fixed outdated DLL in setup package
! Reverted to older StarBurn library again, audio burning issue still not fixed.
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