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Nimi: MyDefrag
Versio: 4.3.1
Tekijä: J.C. Kessels
Lisenssi: Freeware
Järjestelmä: Windows Vista
Päivitetty: 22.05.2010
Kotisivu: MyDefrag

Lataa ohjelma:
Nimi : MyDefrag 4.3.1
Tiedot : MyDefrag-v4.3.1.exe
Tiedoston koko : 1.99 Mt

Lataa ohjelman kotisivulta
MyDefrag (ennen JkDefrag) on tehokas kovalevyn eheytysohjelma.

Ohjelma eheyttää valitut asemat halutun tehokkuustason mukaisesti. Ohjelman voi sammuttaa milloin tahansa ilman vaaraa. Ohjelman voi siis jättää eheyttämään kovalevyä kun lähtee pois koneelta ja sammuttaa kun palaa takaisin.

Toisin kuin monet muut eheytysohjelmat, MyDefrag eheyttää asemaa lisää joka kerralla kun ohjelmaa käytetään. Siksi jo muutaman suorituskerran jälkeen levyllä ei ole juuri lainkaan pirstoutuneita tiedostoja. Ohjalma sisältää myös valmiita "Skriptejä", joilla halutun eheytysmallin saa käynnistettyä.

Lataa ohjelma:

Lataa ohjelma

Muutosloki :

MyDefrag v4.3.1 (May 20, 2010)

* Added the Windows "bootstat.dat" file to the build-in list of special exceptions.
* To my great chagrin I have found that some programs can crash (most notably MySQL and uTorrent) if the disk on which they have open files is dismounted with the MyDefrag * DismountVolume command. The command was used in the DataDisk scripts that were introduced in the previous version. I have now removed it.

MyDefrag v4.3.0 (May 20, 2010)

* Added the * MoveUpToZone fileaction.
* Changed the NTFS scanner so it will now always use 512 bytes for the USA fixup. Previously it used the number of bytes per sector, which is 512 bytes for most harddisks, but it appears that NTFS also uses 512 for ultra-big harddisks, even though they have a different number of bytes per sector.
* Added some code to SelectNtfsSystemFiles() to protect the program against infinite loops in data on the disk.
* Fixed a bug that caused MoveToEndOfDisk() not to display a progress percentage.
* Changed the * ExcludeVolumes setting. It can now be used multiple times in a script.
* Documented the "/TASKS" installer commandline option.
* Added the * SkipBlock option to all the SortBy fileactions.
* Added the * ExitIfTimeout setting.
* Added the bouncing box display mode to the screensaver.
* Added a special exclusion for the "$dcsys$" file used by DiskCryptor so MyDefrag will never move this file. The exclusion is not really needed because the file is protected by the DiskCryptor driver, but I have added it anyway, just in case.
* Changed the way how variables can be defined and changed. Previously the syntax was "NAME=VALUE", but this caused undesirable error messages in case of a syntax error. Variables can now be defined and changed with the * SetVariable command.
* Several improvements in error reporting. One of these is that the regular MyDefrag version will no longer ask the user to post the debug logfile on the forum.
* The * ImportListFromProgramHints fileboolean will now ignore hint files that are older than 30 days.
* Changed the contents of the "date" variable from "2010/12/31" into "2010-12-31". The old contents could not be used for filenames.
* The installer will now create a daily scheduled task by default. Previously the default was not to create the task.
* Added the "DataDiskDaily.MyD", "DataDiskWeekly.MyD", "DataDiskMonhtly.MyD", "Daily.MyD", and "Monthly.MyD" scripts. Renamed the "OptimizeDaily.MyD" script into "SystemDiskDaily.MyD", "OptimizeWeekly.MyD" into "SystemDiskWeekly.MyD", and "OptimizeMonthly.MyD" into "SystemDiskMonthly.MyD".
* The installer now creates two scheduled tasks, a daily task and a monthly task.
* Fixed a problem in the ZoneSize and ZoneBegin script variables.
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