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Revision 1d004e5 by Lukas Toenne (master)
April 18, 2013, 13:16 (GMT)
A few fixes for recent own commit r56133.

* Index was assigned after increment, leading to NULL pointer access later on when looking up socket from list
* Copying default_value requires a valid NULL pointer for clean check
* Was using default_values as parameters instead of sockets, void pointers just passed through without warning ...

Commit Details:

Full Hash: 1d004e571aeca4c1ad7c4d554b57542aaaeb6099
SVN Revision: 56140
Parent Commit: 0b0abfe
Lines Changed: +8, -6

1 Modified Path:

/source/blender/editors/space_node/node_templates.c (+8, -6) (Diff)
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