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51 minutes ago
Cleanup: remove unnecessary "_pad*" members
1 hour 10 min ago
Cleanup: use "_pad" prefix for struct members
1 hour 21 min ago
Cleanup: move 'orig' into Object_Runtime struct
1 hour 26 min ago
Cleanup: remove 'orig' from ObTfmBack

This is runtime data and is re-evaluated before use.
2 hours 14 min ago
DNA: rename Object.size -> scale

Resolves a common cause of confusion.
2 hours 42 min ago
UI: motion paths panel layout tweak

- User better alignment for the paths_range_update button.
- Use Flow layout for the Display sub-panel items.
2 hours 44 min ago
UI: armature properties layout tweaks

- Rename 'Draw Mode' to 'Display As', consistent with other properties.
- Use flow layout.
2 hours 53 min ago
RNA: use distance units
3 hours 7 min ago
UI: bake panel layout improvements

All the controls were just really thrown in there without any proper
This gives it more structure.

- Correct use of sub-panels to communicate hierarchy and sections.
- Use flow layout for toggles.
- Use consistent names for "Bake Type".
3 hours 45 min ago
UI: improve light probe properties layout

Smaller adjustments to the Light Probe properties layout.

- Correctly use alignment for multi-property values.
- Correctly use sub-panels.
- Correctly use PROP_FACTOR for visibility_bleed_bias and
3 hours 58 min ago
Fix T61187: Fluid Particle settings UI elements

Some properties were accidentally hidden for particle fluids.

- Made sure we show the Forces and Integration
sub-panels for particle fluids.
- Slightly re-ordered the sub-panels here, so that the same sub-panels
are at the top for Newtonian and Fluid particles.
- Separated the Fluid Interaction sub-panel so we can give it a unique
- Removed lingering unnecessary 'Keys' label in the Keyed physics.
5 hours 10 min ago
Cleanup: spelling
6 hours 34 min ago
doxygen: update doxygen & add balembic group
7 hours 16 min ago
DNA: rename Collection.dupli_ofs -> instance_collection
7 hours 20 min ago
DNA: support renaming structs that use the old renaming hack
7 hours 33 min ago
RNA: use clog for logging error messages

Some RNA errors are quite similar, use clog for consistent logging that
always includes the file, function and line number - making errors
quicker to troubleshoot.
9 hours 7 min ago
Correct own mistake in near/far cleanup

Error in 2f737c4f475a5
9 hours 7 min ago
Cleanup: style
9 hours 35 min ago
doxygen: add newline after file

While file doesn't need an argument, it can't have another doxy
command after it.
9 hours 35 min ago
DNA: comment on how to avoid DNA rename errors
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