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3 hours 34 min ago
Cleanup: Remove unused depsgraph function
3 hours 36 min ago
Fix T65806: Can't Access bpy.context inside Application Timer

Sound synchronization was messing a bit with the context, for, actually,
no reason.

Use more direct queries rather than relying on a context there.
7 hours 15 min ago
Fix T65770: File Browser missing "Sidebar" in View menu
7 hours 30 min ago
Fix T65922: Custom property error
17 hours 35 min ago
Fix sculpt not updating on undo with EEVEE enabled
18 hours 15 min ago
Fix T65398 - Fix frame rate base use in Python SMPTE functions

Differential Revision:

Reviewed By: brecht
18 hours 25 min ago
VSE: Draw pre-animated (volume) sound strip waveforms.
20 hours 15 min ago
Fix T65780: unnecessary GPU image texture reloads after recent changes
20 hours 45 min ago
GPencil: Remove unreported duplicated Reproject operator in menu

The reproject option was duplicated. Detected writing the manual.
21 hours 20 min ago
Fix order of modifications for Set Origin.

The logic of parent update is very similar to Apply Transform, so made it
so parents are handled before children.
21 hours 20 min ago
Fix T65900: Apply Scale doesn't work correct with parenting

Parents are to be handled prior to their children.
21 hours 28 min ago
Fix T65614: Sequencer render single layer only

Was noticeable when sequencer uses scene with a compositor.

The way it was using render API was forcing a single render layer.

Reviewers: brecht

Reviewed By: brecht

Differential Revision:
21 hours 45 min ago
Fix T65914: Workbench Transparency Film

When performing F12 render on a transparent film all solid objects where
a bit transparent. Single Pass AA and no AA passes were not visible at

Issue was that the first frame was not handled correctly making these
artifacts. This commit changes the order of `GPU_state_init` and
`DRW_state_reset` so the state is correct during the first pass.
22 hours 59 min ago
Bring mask tools back to Masking Tool Area and update Context Menu

The mask tools in the Tool Area of Clip Editor where never brought back,
after decision was made to postpone proper masking tools to 2.81.

This brings back the Mask Tool Panel in the Mask tab of Masking Tool Area.

This Diff also adds a better Context Menu, which respects whether you're
in Masking or Tracking mode. I have added the most important operators
there, with a focus on those that are otherwise harder to access.

Reviewers: sergey, billreynish

Subscribers: sebastian, brecht, hype

Tags: #motion_tracking

Differential Revision:
23 hours 1 min ago
Fix T65902: save all modified images should not try to save .psd files

We can't save these without data loss, so don't try to do this.
1 day and 0 hours ago
Cleanup: Pass explicit dependency graph

Avoids hash lookup on per-object basis when applying transform.
1 day and 1 hour ago
Fix T65918 DRW: Crash when add a any modifier to a curve
1 day and 3 hours ago
Industry Compat keymap: Some curve edit keymap entries were using Click events

This was inconsistent and make the actions seem slow and unresponsive. Change to using Press, like other modes.
1 day and 10 hours ago
UI: show label in tool-tips

When button text doesn't already show the label,
include the label in the tool-tip.

Without this the descriptions for icon-only buttons
don't always make sense.

This also gives a tool-tip for icon-only popovers.
1 day and 10 hours ago
UI: add popover access for button labels

Needed for tool-tips to access labels.
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