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30 minutes ago
Overlay: Edit Mesh: Add offset for thicker edges

Edges with sharpness, seam and bevel are thicker and thus needs more offset
to not appear aliased.

Based on D5448 by @oficsu
32 minutes ago
Overlay: Edit Mesh: Make offset depth dependent (w.r.t depth precision)

The previous offset was done in view space. It is now done in NDC space
to avoid differences when adjusting the near/far plane distances.
1 hour 9 min ago
UI: Add missing operators to menus in the 3D Viewport Mesh Edit mode

Differential Revision:
6 hours 9 min ago
Fix T73945: Don't grey out "Calculate to Frames" in some cases

The button seems to behave more as I'd expect without these
additional checks. Previously, the button was often grayed out when
it was actually working.

Reviewers: ISS

Differential Revision:
7 hours 13 min ago
RNA: expose the pin flag for AnimData and ActionGroup
7 hours 27 min ago
Fix missing Surface Deform strength versioning
7 hours 31 min ago
UI: Fix text padding for labels without an icon
9 hours 46 min ago
Cleanup: remove DNA_view2d_types.h from DNA_sound_types.h
9 hours 53 min ago
Screw Modifier: support 1-2 steps

The Screw Modifier had a lower limit for the steps value, which not only
was inconsistent between render and viewport steps, but also was capped
to 2 in UI and also in the code internally.
11 hours 20 min ago
Fix warp modifier using pose matrix without object matrix applied

Error in recent patch D6820
11 hours 43 min ago
Fix T72075: Incorrect Grid Fill error message
13 hours 7 min ago
Cleanup: remove unicode character printing

Was added when utf8 was originally introduced - for testing,
but is no longer needed.
13 hours 7 min ago
Cleanup: spelling, comments
13 hours 41 min ago
Cleanup: strict-prototypes warning
14 hours 9 min ago
Fix T75156: Cast modifier crash in edit-mode

Add NULL checks to other deform modifiers too.
22 hours 38 min ago
Fix T75088: Add tooltips for custom properties
1 day and 5 hours ago
Fix T75161: Random UV doesnt work with fats drawing

Also fixed T75162
1 day and 7 hours ago
GPencil: Fix error when stroke has 0 points

It's possible create a stroke with 0 points using python
1 day and 11 hours ago
Cleanup: Removing unused parameter.
Revision 10bd3fb by Germano Cavalcante
1 day and 18 hours ago
Fix T74604: A.N.T Landscape Erode function reports error

Although indicated, the `rna_Object_active_vertex_group_set`
function was missing.
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