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1 hour 4 min ago
Fix build error on builds without audaspace

This was caused by incorrect argument type in dummy function

Caused by 13ca11ac52a8
1 hour 48 min ago
Fix T83090: Multiple warnings accessing brush enum data.

We already have generic enums for empty and default 'none' value.
Revision da22ec1 by Ankit Meel
1 hour 52 min ago
Cleanup: Fix CMake syntax error in the last commit.
Revision 6535135 by Ankit Meel
2 hours 24 min ago
CMake/macOS: consider MinSizeRel too for ASan.
Revision a715839 by Ankit Meel
2 hours 27 min ago
Cleanup: add commits to .git-blame-ignore-revs.
5 hours 26 min ago
VSE: Unify sequences collections API

Use RNA_api_sequences() for SequenceEditor and MetaSequence
sequences member.

Defines pair of dispatch functions rna_Sequences_editing_* and
rna_Sequences_meta_* that pass pointer to seqbase to
rna_Sequences_* function.

Downside of this implementation is, that it defines 2 seemingly
different RNA collections - SequencesMeta and SequencesTopLevel

Reviewed By: mont29

Differential Revision:
18 hours 1 min ago
Codesign: Allo non-zero exit code for signtool on Windows
18 hours 52 min ago
Deps: Add PugiXML as an official dependency

PugiXML was historically shipped hidden embedded into OIIO, the Grease
Pencil team had a requirement for an XML library recently so pugi seems
like a natural choice since it's not really a 'new' library, we just
turn an implicit dependency into an explicit one.

This commit expands the Windows-specific code in rBdca9aa0053f7 to
include Linux. macOS support will be handled in a later commit.

NOTE: run `cmake -U'*PUGIXML*' .` in the build directory to ensure CMake
finds PugiXML in the new location.

For details see D8628
19 hours 53 min ago
Tracking: Refactor autotrack tracking implementation

The idea is to avoid any synchronization needed in the worker threads
and make them to operate on a local data. From implementation detail
this is achieved by keeping track of "wavefront" of markers which are
to be tracked and the tracking result. Insertion of results to the
AutoTrack context happens from main thread, which avoids need in the
lock when accessing AutoTrack.

This change makes tracking of many (300+) about 10% faster on the
Xeon) CPU E5-2699 v4. More speedup will be gained by minimizing
threading overhead in the frame cache.

Another important aspect of this change is that it fixes non-thread
safe access which was often causing crashes. Quite surprising the
crash was never reported.
20 hours 22 min ago
Libmv: Tweak default logging verbosity level

Log to verbosity level 1 rather than INFO severity.

Avoids a lot of overhead coming from construction of the INFO stream
and improves performance and threadability of code which uses logging.

This makes tracking of 250 frames of a track of default settings to
drop down from 0.6sec to 0.4sec.
20 hours 31 min ago
Libmv: Cleanup, remove unused logging macros

Unused and was not entirely happy with such short abbreviations.
1 day and 0 hours ago
Cleanup: De-duplicate object mullptr checks

Makes it more clear whether object is allowed or not allowed to be NULL.
Also, avoids possible access to the different object mode enumerator.

Should be no functional changes.
1 day and 0 hours ago
Fix T83275: Crash with scene statics and empty scene

ob can be NULL, so it needs to be checked before accessing ob->mode

Differential Revision:
1 day and 11 hours ago
Fix sculpt transform incorrently flipping displacement in Y and Z axis

These functions were only checking the X axis for flipping the
displacement for a symmetry area depending on the initial position of
the pivot.
This affects transform and any other tools that transform vertices and
applies symmetry based on areas (the pose brush, for example).

Reviewed By: sergey

Differential Revision:
1 day and 11 hours ago
UI: Add Sculpt Session info to stats

This adds the vertex and face count info to the scene stats in sculpt
mode. These stats count the active vertices and faces in the
sculptsession for the active object. This has the following advantages:
- It is possible to know how many vertices the sculptsession has active
comparted to the vertex count of the entire scene from sculpt mode
- When sculpting with constructive modifiers, these stats will report the
number of vertices that you can actually sculpt with, instead of the
vertex count of the modified mesh and the entire scene.

Reviewed By: sergey, dbystedt

Differential Revision:
Revision 6b12dad by Hans Goudey
1 day and 12 hours ago
Cleanup: Use LISTBASE_FOREACH for node tree sockets RNA code
Revision 007a0e4 by Hans Goudey
1 day and 15 hours ago
Cleanup: Reduce variable scope in node drawing code

Also use LISTBASE_FOREACH in a few places and generally clean up
the code for the two sidebar panels "Sockets" and "Interface".
Revision 5a35e56 by Bastien Montagne
1 day and 15 hours ago
Cleanup: Remove unecessary code.

We already `memset` the whole mesh runtime to zero, no need to set some
of its pointer explicitly to NULL afterward.
1 day and 15 hours ago
Fix T83196: bad matrix to quaternion precision near 180 degrees rotation.

Adjust the threshold for switching from the base case to trace > 0,
based on very similar example code from to
avoid float precision issues when trace is close to -1.

Also, remove conversions to and from double, because using double
here doesn't really have benefit, especially with the new threshold.

Finally, add quaternion-matrix-quaternion round trip tests with
full coverage for all 4 branches.

Differential Revision:
Revision 6022103 by Hans Goudey
1 day and 15 hours ago
Cleanup: Clang tidy void argument
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