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July 27, 2018, 16:19 (GMT)
Cycles: WIP: Volumes are not using the light tree.

If a shading point is inside or on the boundary of a volume
then it will use the old sampling method until we have
properly implemented the volume parts of the paper.

Also, the PDF picking probability for volumes have now been
updated properly since the PDF restructure.

Tried to provide the correct shading point and normal to
the MIS calculations. This part needs more work.

Commit Details:

Full Hash: 1fe1e742a6f27a051c98025898ca61a536cb477f
Parent Commit: 6045fc4
Lines Changed: +67, -39

9 Modified Paths:

/intern/cycles/kernel/kernel_bake.h (+5, -3) (Diff)
/intern/cycles/kernel/kernel_emission.h (+19, -4) (Diff)
/intern/cycles/kernel/kernel_light.h (+8, -8) (Diff)
/intern/cycles/kernel/kernel_path.h (+17, -6) (Diff)
/intern/cycles/kernel/kernel_path_branched.h (+4, -1) (Diff)
/intern/cycles/kernel/kernel_path_surface.h (+5, -6) (Diff)
/intern/cycles/kernel/kernel_path_volume.h (+7, -10) (Diff)
/intern/cycles/kernel/split/kernel_direct_lighting.h (+1, -1) (Diff)
/intern/cycles/kernel/split/kernel_holdout_emission_blurring_pathtermination_ao.h (+1, -0) (Diff)
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