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Revision 6c9c7f1 by Joseph Eagar (temp-trimesh-sculpt)
October 24, 2020, 00:19 (GMT)
* Migrated optimizations from trimesh to bmesh dyntopo:
- Original coordinate/normals are now stored in customdata layers,
instead of being looked up in the BMLog
- Vertex "indices" are now actually pointers to BMVerts.
- Dyntopo split/collapse is now time-limited
- Increased pbvh->leaf_limit to 2000
- Nodes are split after topolgy updates, not just after the user lets up
the mouse.

* Also, renamed TMElemSet to TableGSet

- Migrate PBVHNode->bm_[unique_verts/other_verts/faces] to TableGSet.
Currently GHash is completely inlined in this branch which does almost
the same thing performance-size; inlining GHash seems beyond the scope of this
project however.

Commit Details:

Full Hash: 6c9c7f14ec87c62ff5eca5e200640b4bd6ccdedf
Parent Commit: 8f6326d
Lines Changed: +230, -60

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