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Revision a00249d by Bastien Montagne (master)
March 19, 2021, 16:33 (GMT)
LibOverride: Stash away 'leftover' objects/collections from auto-resync process.

Instead of storing those in scne's master collection, which is fairly
annoying, we now add them to a (hidden) specific collection. Easy to
ignore, or check and cleanup.

Commit Details:

Full Hash: a00249dd22ca2331648588b404cee87668f74aa3
Parent Commit: a9e64d8
Lines Changed: +49, -9

3 Modified Paths:

/source/blender/blenkernel/BKE_lib_override.h (+2, -0) (Diff)
/source/blender/blenkernel/intern/lib_override.c (+46, -8) (Diff)
/source/blender/editors/space_outliner/outliner_tools.c (+1, -1) (Diff)
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