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Revision d5f1b9c by Dalai Felinto (master)
April 6, 2015, 13:40 (GMT)
Multi-View and Stereo 3D

Official Documentation:

Implemented Features
Builtin Stereo Camera
* Convergence Mode
* Interocular Distance
* Convergence Distance
* Pivot Mode

* Cameras
* Plane
* Volume

* View Switch Node
* Image Node Multi-View OpenEXR support

* Image/Movie Strips 'Use Multiview'

UV/Image Editor
* Option to see Multi-View images in Stereo-3D or its individual images
* Save/Open Multi-View (OpenEXR, Stereo3D, individual views) images

* Save/Open Multi-View (OpenEXR, Stereo3D, individual views) images

Scene Render Views
* Ability to have an arbitrary number of views in the scene

Missing Bits
First rule of Multi-View bug report: If something is not working as it should *when Views is off* this is a severe bug, do mention this in the report.

Second rule is, if something works *when Views is off* but doesn't (or crashes) when *Views is on*, this is a important bug. Do mention this in the report.

Everything else is likely small todos, and may wait until we are sure none of the above is happening.

Apart from that there are those known issues:
* Compositor Image Node poorly working for Multi-View OpenEXR
(this was working prefectly before the 'Use Multi-View' functionality)
* Selecting camera from Multi-View when looking from camera is problematic
* Animation Playback (ctrl+F11) doesn't support stereo formats
* Wrong filepath when trying to play back animated scene
* Viewport Rendering doesn't support Multi-View
* Overscan Rendering
* Fullscreen display modes need to warn the user
* Object copy should be aware of views suffix

* Francesco Siddi for the help with the original feature specs and design
* Brecht Van Lommel for the original review of the code and design early on
* Blender Foundation for the Development Fund to support the project wrap up

Final patch reviewers:
* Antony Riakiotakis (psy-fi)
* Campbell Barton (ideasman42)
* Julian Eisel (Severin)
* Sergey Sharybin (nazgul)
* Thomas Dinged (dingto)

Code contributors of the original branch in github:
* Alexey Akishin
* Gabriel Caraballo

Commit Details:

Full Hash: d5f1b9c2223333e03f2e4994171ad9df8c1c4f21
Parent Commit: 74df307
Lines Changed: +11910, -2158

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