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Revision dd6bf3f by Bastien Montagne (master)
October 13, 2018, 17:36 (GMT)
node_shader_utils: several fixes, improvements and cleanups.

Fix broken behavior in case of texcoords mapping (we do need texcoords
node in all cases, then, even for UV coords...).

Use nodes by default when generating new write-allowed wrapper around a

Do not try to find nodes in existing tree all the time, do it only once,
even for lazy-initialized nodes (through accessors).

Fix ugly spacing in property accessors (since it looks like some people
do not like a single 'block' with both getters, setters and prop
definition, at least use one sep line everywhere (and two sep lines to
separate properties)...

Commit Details:

Full Hash: dd6bf3f84a9137affbcd8ba0fc957c32b8c0aff7
Parent Commit: b115153
Lines Changed: +161, -25

1 Modified Path:

/release/scripts/modules/bpy_extras/ (+161, -25) (Diff)
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