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Juan Gea (juang3d)

Total Commits : 1
Master Commits : 1
Branch Commits : 0
First Commit : May 21, 2019
Latest Commit : May 21, 2019

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May, 20191

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Lines Added11.0
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Revision fbae1c9 by Juan Gea / Brecht Van Lommel (master)
May 21, 2019, 14:56 (GMT)
Particle: optimize threading for many particles and many cores

The maximum particles per task of 256 was outdated and lead to too much thread
contention. Instead define a low fixed number of tasks per thread.

On a i7-7700HQ, creating 4 million particles went down from 31s to 4s.

Thanks to Oscar Abad, Sav Martin, Zebus3d, Sebastin Barschkis and Martin Felke
for testing and advice.

Differential Revision: https://developer.blender.org/D4910

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