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Peter Kim (muxed-reality)

Total Commits : 204
Master Commits : 5
Branch Commits : 199
First Commit : October 13, 2020
Latest Commit : July 24, 2021 (Today)

Commits by Month

DateNumber of Commits
July, 202132
June, 202125
May, 202125
April, 20214
March, 202110
February, 20215
January, 20217
December, 20201
November, 202052
October, 202043

Commit Distribution

PathNumber of Commits

Favourite Files

FilenameTotal Edits

File Changes

ActionTotalPer Commit

Code Changes

ActionTotalPer Commit
Lines Added11 36380.0
Lines Removed5 61939.6

Latest commits Feed

Revision 05c7d93 by Peter Kim (master)
5 hours 11 min ago
Cleanup: fix warning -Wparentheses
Revision fb31544 by Peter Kim (xr-controller-support)
5 hours 17 min ago
Fix build warnings
Revision c56b732 by Peter Kim (xr-controller-support)
6 hours 7 min ago
Merge branch 'master' into xr-controller-support
Revision 99beac7 by Peter Kim (xr-controller-support)
6 hours 19 min ago
XR: Use dynamic arrays for eye, controller data

Makes API/functionality more adaptable to different systems.
Revision c4c4b1a by Peter Kim (xr-controller-support)
8 hours 36 min ago
XR: Move controller batch creation to draw func

Ensures that a valid GPU context is available during batch creation,
which fixes potential access violation issues.
Revision af90b8a by Peter Kim (xr-controller-support)
10 hours 4 min ago
Update with changes from master

36c0649d32aa, c41b93bda532
Revision c41b93b by Peter Kim (master)
1 day and 0 hours ago
XR: Fix for Viewport Denoising Artifacts

Addresses T76003. When using VR with Eevee and viewport denoising,
scene geometry could sometimes be occluded for one eye. Solution is
to use a separate GPUViewport/GPUOffscreen for each VR view instead
of reusing a single one for rendering.

Reviewed By: Julian Eisel, Clment Foucault

Differential Revision: http://developer.blender.org/D11858
Revision 36c0649 by Peter Kim (master)
1 day and 9 hours ago
XR: Reference Space Improvements

Improves control over the XR reference space by using the stage ref
space (user-defined tracking bounds) instead of local ref space
(position at application launch), if available. Also adds an
"absolute tracking" session option to skip applying eye offsets that
are normally added for placing users exactly at landmarks.

By enabling absolute tracking, users can define the tracking origin
in a way that is not linked to the headset position. Instead, the
tracking values given by the XR runtime are left unadjusted and a
user can manually calibrate an "origin" landmark object to adjust to
their real world space.

Can be useful for applications that use external tracking systems
and those that primarily only need to use controllers and not the
headset (e.g. motion capture).

The absolute tracking option requires an update to the VR
Scene Inspection addon to be accessible by regular users.

Reviewed By: Julian Eisel

Differential Revision: http://developer.blender.org/D10946
Revision 6654800 by Peter Kim (master)
1 day and 9 hours ago
Cleanup: "position tracking" typo in enum member
Revision 2c5241a by Peter Kim (xr-controller-support)
July 22, 2021, 08:36 (GMT)
Merge branch 'master' into xr-controller-support

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