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Revision 15fd758 by Lukas Stockner (master)
July 3, 2017, 16:26 (GMT)
Fix T51950: Abnormally long Cycles OpenCL GPU render times with certain panoramic camera settings

The problem here was that when a "invalid" path is generated by the panoramic camera, it was tagged
as RAY_TO_REGENERATE with the intention of generating a new path in kernel_buffer_update.

However, since that state was not handled in kernel_queue_enqueue, kernel_buffer_update did not
process the path which resulted in an infinite loop.

Commit Details:

Full Hash: 15fd758bd632fb37879b4c8cc3ff29f4305eae7e
Parent Commit: 6782a60
Lines Changed: +2, -1

1 Modified Path:

/intern/cycles/kernel/split/kernel_queue_enqueue.h (+2, -1) (Diff)
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