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Blazej Floch (bfloch)

Total Commits : 4
Master Commits : 0
Branch Commits : 4
First Commit : October 9, 2019
Latest Commit : October 23, 2019

Commits by Month

DateNumber of Commits
October, 20194

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Lines Added7819.5
Lines Removed246.0

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Revision 7e7966a by Blazej Floch (cycles_unbiased_volumes)
October 23, 2019, 20:29 (GMT)
Small VDB fixes introduced.
Probably introduced by 6982cc59cc71bf9937f36f36a87040a829421876.
Revision e26a84d by Blazej Floch (cycles_unbiased_volumes)
October 9, 2019, 17:52 (GMT)
Refactor Cryptomatte options into own enum.
Some places check for active crytpomatte passes by comparing the
cryptomatte_passes with CRYPT_NONE. Since they have more options now it
makes sense to separate them so that no subtle misbehaviour can happen.
Revision c771fbe by Blazej Floch (cycles_unbiased_volumes)
October 9, 2019, 17:51 (GMT)
Add option to not write the Cryptomatte manifest.
According to cryptomatte specs the manifest is optional. In order to
reduce the Exr file size the users now have an option to omit it.
Revision 2d65f07 by Blazej Floch (cycles_unbiased_volumes)
October 9, 2019, 17:51 (GMT)
Add option for unique objects in CryptoMatte pass.
As is instances in CryptoMatte end up having the same hash. This commit
adds an option to treat objects unique, by adding the random_id to the
object's name for the CryptoMatte pass. It uses @ as separator.

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