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"Ge_dome" branch

Total commits : 12
Total committers : 2
First Commit : March 22, 2009
Latest Commit : May 11, 2009

Commits by Month

DateNumber of Commits
May, 20092
April, 20092
March, 20098


AuthorNumber of Commits
Dalai Felinto11
Martin Poirier1

Popular Files

FilenameTotal Edits

Latest commits Feed

May 11, 2009, 18:42 (GMT)
Tilt option to tilt the camera (for planetarium domes)
May 11, 2009, 18:26 (GMT)
merge -r 19528-HEAD (20156)
starting dome test period again :) (i.e. not over committing in the trunk)
April 4, 2009, 02:05 (GMT)
Warp Mesh supported now.
CopyTexSubImage2D implemented now instead of CopyTexImage2D
April 4, 2009, 01:21 (GMT)
Commit of recent trunk merge.
March 29, 2009, 08:39 (GMT)
final adjusts before first patch for reviewing.
Now the code is the same as the one found in:

[#18462] Fisheye (Dome) and Spherical Panoramic mode in BGE
file: 090329_review.R1.patch
March 29, 2009, 00:34 (GMT)
merge from trunk +

- Dome images > 180 optimized to use more of the tesselated mesh
- Bug fixed (scaled texture maps)
- clean up (no more OFFSET and WARPED mode)
- I guess it's ready for review
March 27, 2009, 06:42 (GMT)
A small fix (specular problem strikes again)
and now WireFrame mode shows the background mesh in wireframe as well. It's useful for calibration I think.
March 27, 2009, 06:05 (GMT)
merge with trunk (scons fix and others)
Spherical Panoramic (mode 3) working 100% for resolution bigger than 5.
Shadow problems fixed.
More cleanup in the code.
March 25, 2009, 05:41 (GMT)
Dome and Panorama mode using the whole canvas as buffer size
- added ResBuffer option to reduce the size of the buffer
- changes in FlattenPanorama, I may revert this later
March 25, 2009, 03:00 (GMT)
merge from trunk.
I'm not sure I'm doing things rightly here :)
I'm syncing it now to commit more dome code later
March 24, 2009, 05:43 (GMT)
First commit of the dome code.

Three modes working:
Dome mode - 1 fisheye, 2 truncated, 3 panoramic

A brief explanation of the code pipeline:

BL_KetsjiEmbedStart.cpp or GPG_Application.cpp
-> KX_KetsjiEngine.cpp::InitDome()
-> KX_Dome.cpp::Constructor(initiallising class)
-> KX_Dome.cpp::CreateMesh()
-> Turn to Hemisphere (normalize the verts coordinates)
-> KX_Dome.cpp::FlattenDome()

Every frame:
-> KX_KetsjiEngine.cpp::RenderDome() [a copy of KX_KetsjiEngine.cpp::Render()]
-> KX_Dome.cpp::RenderDomeFrame() [a copy of KX_KetsjiEngine.cpp::RenderFrame()]
-> KX_Dome.cpp::BindImages()
-> KX_Dome.cpp::DrawDome()
March 22, 2009, 15:30 (GMT)
ge_dome branch for dfelinto's dome support

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