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Testing Blender Camera Tracker

11.07.2011    3 Kommenttia

GSoC 2011Today I was testing Blender's new camera tracking functionality together with Dynamic Paint wave simulator on soc-2011-salad branch.

I had some issues with tracking system, and eventually I had to use 2D markers instead of 3D ones and that required lots of tweaking. But even though tracking tools are still in early development, it worked very well after all. With this development pace I can just wonder what one can do with it by the end of summer. :)

Here is the final render:

What you see here is a Suzanne monkey head added to a real footage. Water particles and wave visibility could still use some tweaking, but overall I'm quite happy with the result.

I also noticed a nice Dynamic Paint waves test by CristobalAtria:

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English Big Fan
11.07.2011 22:28
Very cool indeed.
I see the second video was 'removed by the user'.
English 3pointedit
12.07.2011 04:59
That looks great! 2 features for the price of 1. I wonder how many GSoC projects can be fit into 1 demo video?
English Big Fan
12.07.2011 05:37
ok now its back ;)

and thats very cool as well :)

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