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englishGit logs and statistics now online

21.11.2013    1 Kommentti

Blender is now using GitNow that Blender has migrated from SVN to Git repository I have also updated my Blender Commit Logs and Statistics.

Statistics page is still missing releases and currently only "master" branch commits are displayed. I'm investigating best ways to implement generic branch support, as the way Git handles them is somewhat different, so it needs special consideration how to best represent them.

Since the main SVN repository won't be updated anymore it doesn't make sense to keep old statistics or logs hanging around either causing unnecessary confusion. In couple of days I'll remove them and place redirects to the new Git alternatives.

If you are still interested to find old SVN commits I have mapped original SVN revisions to older Git commits, so you can still use the old revision numbers in new Git log to look for specific commits. (e.g. "r50000" :)

Kirjoitti MiikaH klo 09:29

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englishMore SVN Log Updates

03.03.2012    3 Kommenttia

I have added even more features to my Blender SVN pages.

Commit messages now display the authors full name instead of cryptic username, revisions in commit messages are now shown as links and there is a "changed paths" list on each revision page. Additionally some Statistics pages now have new file related charts. E.g. developer pages show most edited files and number of added, deleted and modified files.

Commit Logs are also available as RSS feeds in case you want to follow Blender commits more closely. You can subscribe All Commits, Trunk Commits or commits from a specific branch from any branches' statistics page.

Update: You can also use RSS feeds with "short-title" option (All Commits, Trunk Commits), this way revision title is printed as "r12345:" instead of "Revision 12345 (trunk/blender):". This can be useful if your reader has only limited screen space.

Kirjoitti MiikaH klo 17:19

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englishMiikaHweb Updates

23.02.2012    1 Kommentti

MiikaHweb UpdatedI have been updating some parts of MiikaHweb in the past few days.

First of all: after gathering dust for nearly five years, the Mobile section is finally up to date again.

Basically it's a listing of mobile apps I have found useful. New section features all popular mobile platforms: Android, iOS, Symbian and Windows Phone, although Android is the main platform as I'm using it myself.

I also did some small improvements on Blender SVN statistics pages. I suppose most useful tweak are new Blender Tracker links on Commit Log pages. Now you can view the related bug report/patch simply by clicking the hash number on commit message (if any).

Kirjoitti MiikaH klo 20:25

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englishBlender Statistics Now Online

28.12.2011    1 Kommentti

Blender 2.43/2.49A new MiikaHweb section "Blender SVN Statistics" is now online.

It shows real-time statistics about Blender development based on SVN commits. You can view charts based on releases, branches, developers or date.

Statistics section is still under development so some things are likely to change during upcoming days. Anyway, I hope some of you will find this useful or interesting. :)

Kirjoitti MiikaH klo 14:29

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englishMiikaHweb Games Section Updated

28.11.2011    0 Kommenttia

MiikaHweb Games section now also has a Screenshots page listing recently uploaded game shots.

I usually have Fraps automatically capturing screenshots while I play, so I decided to get some use for my always increasing image collection. :p

Kirjoitti MiikaH klo 15:23

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englishMiikaHweb Blender builds are now CUDA enabled

11.11.2011    0 Kommenttia

BlenderNow that the new Cycles render engine is finally merged into Blender trunk, I updated my build bot configuration to support CUDA. CUDA is a GPU computing architecture that is able to render tens of times faster than with CPU.

So if you have a modern nVidia graphics card, download the latest build from my Blender Builds -section and try it out.

Kirjoitti MiikaH klo 14:03

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englishBlender Builds section updated

02.05.2011    0 Kommenttia

BlenderMiikaHweb Blender Builds system is now updated.

I wrote some scripts that take care of compiling and uploading new builds so maintaining them is now just matter of few clicks. This means more often updated builds.

I'm now building branches too. So far only BMesh and "paged-particles". But I'm going to add more when new somewhat regularly updated ones emerge.

This also means I'm going to do regular Windows builds for GSoC 2011 branches too, when they are available.

Kirjoitti MiikaH klo 06:46

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Sivuston ulkoasu päivitetty

24.03.2011    0 Kommenttia

Sivuston ulkoasu on nyt uudistettu.

Uusi sivupohja selkeyttää pääasiassa sivuston navigaatiota sekä yleistä ulkoasua. Sivupohja hyödyntää uusia CSS3-tyylejä, joten se ei välttämättä näy täydellisenä vanhemmilla selaimilla.

Kirjoitti MiikaH klo 17:16

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englishDynamic Paint Guide Finished

30.11.2010    5 Kommenttia

Paint render exampleIt's been more than a month since I released the first part of my Dynamic Paint guide. Now the second part is finally here.

It took way too long and I'm still not quite happy with some parts of it. But I have been completely missing my motivation to touch it. This guide has been like 90% done for up to two weeks. x_X

This second and final part of the guide explains all paint object related settings and also includes some downloadable .blend files.

Here is a render from one of the samples: Wetmap textures for fluid simulations.

Kirjoitti MiikaH klo 19:07

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englishYet another bug in my blog comment system

12.11.2010    0 Kommenttia

It looks like comment system was "disabled" for the couple of last blog entries I made. That bug is now fixed.

I have coded this whole website myself from scratch, so not everything works perfectly. But I just love web programming, so using an out-of-the-box blog system is out of the question. :)

Kirjoitti MiikaH klo 07:47

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