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23.02.2012    1 Kommentti

MiikaHweb UpdatedI have been updating some parts of MiikaHweb in the past few days.

First of all: after gathering dust for nearly five years, the Mobile section is finally up to date again.

Basically it's a listing of mobile apps I have found useful. New section features all popular mobile platforms: Android, iOS, Symbian and Windows Phone, although Android is the main platform as I'm using it myself.

I also did some small improvements on Blender SVN statistics pages. I suppose most useful tweak are new Blender Tracker links on Commit Log pages. Now you can view the related bug report/patch simply by clicking the hash number on commit message (if any).

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English mike kelly
02.08.2012 22:30
has the new bullet advancements been droped. i noticed its crossed out and heard it droped out that would be a crying shame. it has so much potential.

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