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Revision 3dd17ce by Chris Burt (master)
March 25, 2005, 04:25 (GMT)
Commented out some old cruft in the Makefile which seemed to be unrelated
to the Cygwin platform. This produced some silly error message about files
which haven't existed in the CVS repository for many months now. I can
remember seeing this message for at least a year and since it has *never*
changed I decided to investigate. Looks like unmaintained part of the
build system that nobody pays attention to but just in case I've left it
in tact with the following comment:

This code below seems outdated and doesn't even seem to apply to the
Windows platform. I've commented it out until someone can take a look at it
and confirm or deny. If it breaks anything blame Chris Burt / Desoto

Hopefully that's clear enough, but I really think this is a trivial change
and if after review nobody minds I'll simply erase the offending code.

Commit Details:

Full Hash: 3dd17cec3bcaa3885e14630e6a71a8486e9b2697
SVN Revision: 4042
Parent Commit: b9da612
Lines Changed: +25, -20

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