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Revision b288b55 by Joshua Leung (BendyBones)
May 17, 2016, 14:28 (GMT)
Bendy Bones: Breakdowner + Pose Slide tools support for these properties

The Breakdowner and Pose Sliding tools (Push/Relax) now have support for the
bbone properties too, making it possible to use these tools for playing with
them like another other part of the pose.

Implementation Note:
I've ended up reusing a bunch of flags which we don't use, and haven't used
for at least a decade (and which were if 0'd out). When they were in use,
they would have been for runtime purposes anyway. Just to be safe, the version
patch in modern Blender will clear out all those flags so that we can use them.

Commit Details:

Full Hash: b288b550875ff4bfb2d22cc2031c7a3ebb9868d5
Parent Commit: 79673ef
Lines Changed: +83, -22

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