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Revision f75005c by Jiri Hnidek (master)
July 29, 2009, 12:35 (GMT)
2.5 MetaBalls

- It is possible to work with MetaBalls in edit mode now
- Added basic UI to the button window (feel free to change it :-))
- Header menus should work
- Undo & redo should work
- Removed global variable editelems and lastelem (moved it to the MetaBall struct)
- All tools from old editmball.c was converted to the operators
- Added lastelem to the RNA
- Experimental: mb->editelems is only pointer at mb->elems or NULL (depends on Mode). ListBase of MetaElems is not duplicated in edit mode.

Tested with scons at Linux and mac OS X

- Recalc data after Undo or Redo
- Solve issue with basic MetaBall and Python UI script (only base MetaBall object influence Wiresize and Threshold)
- Fix orientation of manipulator in "Normal mode"

Commit Details:

Full Hash: f75005c2a89f6cc5f1bdac33e26341a14ed92888
SVN Revision: 22012
Parent Commit: b3d0753
Lines Changed: +1153, -175

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