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Program Info:

Name: ZoneAlarm
Version: 11.0
Author: Check Point
Lisence: Freeware
OS: Windows
Updated: Mar-03-2013
Homepage: ZoneAlarm
ZoneAlarm is an advanced but easy-to-use firewall.

It can be configured to automatically control system protection or to let you manually control the Internet access for every program. It is easy to change the active security level, so gaming for example is possible without shutting down the firewall. ZoneAlarm has an tool to lock PC's Internet usage blocking any data. A free version is available for personal use.

Download from program's website:

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Change log :

ZoneAlarm version
Includes Microsoft patch for Windows 7 systems:

* Resolves issues with running two security products at once
* Resolves Internet connectivity and stability issues, especially with Windows 7 64-bit systems
Other improvements:
* Improves networking support, with automatic network detection for wired and wireless networks
* Resolves issue where Internet Explorer 8 startup was delayed
* Improves support for IPv6 (useful in some network configurations)

ZoneAlarm version

* Fixed toolbar upgrade issues

ZoneAlarm version

* NEW Quieter, smarter security - automatic security settings for millions of programs
* NEW DefenseNet analyzes real-time threat data from millions of users to stop latest attacks
* More features added to enhanced ZoneAlarm Security toolbar (for Internet Explorer and Firefox):
o Free Identity Protection services
o Online Backup services (2GB free)

ZoneAlarm version

* Windows 7 operating system compatibility
* New Browser Security toolbar:
- Spy site detection
- Signature and heuristic phishing detection
- Website safety check and rating

What's new in ZoneAlarm Antivirus 9.0?

* New Browser Security:
o Advanced Download Protection:
+ Detects the latest zero-day threats in downloads that you initiate–before they reach your computer
+ Includes heuristic analysis and program check
+ Can run and analyze download behavior in a virtual environment if necessary
o Spy site detection
o Signature and heuristic phishing detection
o Website safety check and rating
* New unified anti-virus and anti-spyware engine:
o Scans 80%-90% faster and combines anti-virus and anti-spyware into one scan
o More advanced scan options–riskware, ADS, heuristic scanning, and more exception options
o Additional on-access scan controls
o On-access scanning now detects spyware
* Program control features to stop advanced security bypass attacks:
o Timing attack protection
o Service control manager protection (not supported on 64-bit and Windows 7)
* Other enhancements:
o Many performance improvements
o Reduced number of unnecessary alerts
o Windows 7 ready (Free compatibility update to run on Windows 7 when it is released)
* To streamline in an age where web privacy controls are built into the most popular browsers and email attachment scanning is included in the major email applications, privacy controls and inbound MailSafe have been removed with this release.
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