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Revision 028f45d by Sergey Sharybin (temp-T78835)
July 30, 2020, 13:36 (GMT)
Fix T78835: Ghosting audio after using undo

The root of the issue comes to the fact that sub-data pointers were
used to match strips before/after copy-on-write. The undo system might
re-use sub-data pointers after re-allocating them, making it so that,
for example, pointer used by sound strip is later re-used by video

This fix takes an advantage of recently introduced per-sequence UUID
and uses it to match sequences before/after copy-on-write.

Commit Details:

Full Hash: 028f45d9c1a466388b799ce21d3315a4d61d7003
Parent Commit: f8294b3
Lines Changed: +13, -3

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