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Revision 28b2f1c by Campbell Barton (master)
June 26, 2017, 06:38 (GMT)
Manipulator: Python API

Initial support for Python/Manipulator integration
from 'custom-manipulators' branch.


- Registering custom manipulators & manipulator-groups.
- Modifying RNA properties, custom values via get/set callbacks,
or invoking an operator.
- Drawing shape presets for Python defined manipulators (arrow, circle, face-maps)


- Only float properties supported.
- Drawing only supported via shape presets.
(we'll likely want a way to define custom geometry or draw directly).
- When to refresh, recalculate manipulators will likely need
integration with notifier system.

Development will be continued in the 2.8 branch

Commit Details:

Full Hash: 28b2f1c30504ce0e437b21f7964282fcd6894421
Parent Commit: c9e33b3
Lines Changed: +2381, -16

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