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March 28, 2016, 16:07 (GMT)
Cycles: Experiment with native cubemap support in Cycles

This commit implements a native cubemap rendering in Cycles,
which is currently a research project with the following goals:

- Make it easier to render cubemaps for engines which supports
or expects them to be used.

- Intermediate projection to optimize rendering of equirectangular

Cube map layout is not currently standart but it's most efficient
from the resolution and storage point of views and it's currently:

| Back | Right | Bottom |
| Front | Left | Top |

It's easy to re-map views in the future.

There are still issues to be solved, but it'll be nice to get
VR and panorama artists involved into feedback already. So the
limitations are:

- There's no auto-remapping to equirectangular map happening yet,
so the only way to see result is to put result to an environment
map with cubemap projection and either re-render or investigate
it in viewport.

- Projection formulas are not optimized by any mean. This is to
keep them totally obvious to make it easier to make further

Commit Details:

Full Hash: 6b54ac5081642b3ef30e14f58ccc4430007c1e62
Parent Commit: 240adb9
Lines Changed: +299, -19

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