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Revision 9516921 by Clment Foucault (master)
December 2, 2019, 12:15 (GMT)
Overlay Engine: Refactor & Cleanup

This is the unification of all overlays into one overlay engine as described in T65347.

I went over all the code making it more future proof with less hacks and removing old / not relevent parts.

Goals / Acheivements:
- Remove internal shader usage (only drw shaders)
- Remove viewportSize and viewportSizeInv and put them in gloabl ubo
- Fixed some drawing issues: Missing probe option and Missing Alt+B clipping of some shader
- Remove old (legacy) shaders dependancy (not using view UBO).
- Less shader variation (less compilation time at first load and less patching needed for vulkan)
- removed some geom shaders when I could
- Remove static e_data (except shaders storage where it is OK)
- Clear the way to fix some anoying limitations (dithered transparency, background image compositing etc...)
- Wireframe drawing now uses the same batching capabilities as workbench & eevee (indirect drawing).
- Reduced complexity, removed ~3000 Lines of code in draw (also removed a lot of unused shader in GPU).
- Post AA to avoid complexity and cost of MSAA.

Remaining issues:
- ~~Armature edits, overlay toggles, (... others?) are not refreshing viewport after AA is complete~~
- FXAA is not the best for wires, maybe investigate SMAA
- Maybe do something more temporally stable for AA.
- ~~Paint overlays are not working with AA.~~
- ~~infront objects are difficult to select.~~
- ~~the infront wires sometimes goes through they solid counterpart (missing clear maybe?) (toggle overlays on-off when using infront+wireframe overlay in solid shading)~~

Note: I made some decision to change slightly the appearance of some objects to simplify their drawing. Namely the empty arrows end (which is now hollow/wire) and distance points of the cameras/spots being done by lines.

Reviewed By: jbakker

Differential Revision:

Commit Details:

Full Hash: 9516921c05bd9fee5c94942eb8e38f47ba7e4351
Parent Commit: 1f6c369
Lines Changed: +33193, -20105

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