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Revision b11a463 by Germano Cavalcante (master)
June 21, 2021, 19:41 (GMT)
Refactor: Do not keep a copy of depth buffer in RegionView3D

The depth cache (located in `RegionView3D::depths`) is used for quick
and simple occlusion testing in:
- particle selection,
- "Draw Curve" operator and
- "Interactive Light Track to Cursor" operator,

However, keeping a texture buffer in cache is not a recommended practice.

For displays with high resolution like 8k this represents something
around 132MB.

Also, currently, each call to `ED_view3d_depth_override` invalidates
the depth cache. So that depth is never reused in multiple calls from
an operator (this was not the case in blender 2.79).

This commit allows to create a depth cache and release it in the same
operator. Thus, the buffer is kept in cache for a short time, freeing
up space.

No functional changes.

Commit Details:

Full Hash: b11a463e4fcd98f2fff6e05a03e97e71b93b8274
Parent Commit: b665ad8
Lines Changed: +151, -153

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