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Revision bb9c9d0 by Antonio Vazquez (master)
January 11, 2019, 18:21 (GMT)
GP: New Cutter, Constraints and Segment selection

This commit groups a set of new tools that were tested in grease pencil object branch before moving to master. We decide to do all the development in a separated branch because it could break master during days or weeks before the new tools were ready to deploy.

The commit includes:

- New Cutter tool to trim strokes and help cleaning up drawings.

- New set of constraints and guides to draw different types of shapes. All the credits for this development goes to Charlie Jolly (@charlie), thanks for your help!

- Segment selection mode to select strokes between intersections.

- New operator to change strokes cap mode.

- New option to display only keyframed frames. This option is very important when fill strokes with color.

- Multiple small fixes and tweaks.

Thanks to @pepeland and @mendio for their ideas, tests, reviews and support.

Note: Still pending the final icons for Cutter in Toolbar and Segment Selection in Topbar. @billreynish could help us here?

Commit Details:

Full Hash: bb9c9d0eaaab836b8f20ab7b2228795f607b823a
Parent Commit: 6dbfd7f
Lines Changed: +1871, -158

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