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Revision e6966f3 by Dalai Felinto (epic-navigation)
October 31, 2014, 02:26 (GMT)
View3D: Walk Navigation - initial support for Unreal Engine modes and keymap

* Mouse is reset back to its original location after the operation exits
* New Mouse Modes (see below)
* Trackpad support
* (keymap to enter and exit the walk navigation for the different mouse

Mouse Modes (wip):
* RMB + Drag : fully working
* LMB + Drag : rotation working, needs to move forward
* MMB + Drag : needs to move everywhere

(note, WASD work when using the mouse modes as well, just like in Unreal

Not implemented yet:
* Direct (non-modal) keys: (arrow keys + PLUSPAD + MINUSPAD)

* G: game mode (equivalent of the 'show as render' option), GKEY may
be hardcoded in some places, so we may have to map it to something
else, but at least it will be nice to create an operator to toggle the
'show as render' option + the GLSL mode or something similar.

* Non-OSX support to UNTOUCH mouse/trackpad event

* Bugfix for mouse event still being called after UNTOUCH is detected
(this makes the operator to be called again if we swipe the mousepad
too fast and untouch quickly).

* F: Focus funcionality: Teleport to selected object

* All the other keys: I'm still not sure if we should try to map all the
Unreal Engine keyboard or only the basic navigation shortcuts

The main keys/functionality that need to be decided to be
implemented/included are:

* Z/C Change camera zoom (field of view)
* F11 to set fullscreen (the new editor fullscreen)
* Ctrl (or Cmd) + 1, 2, 3, ..., 0 to store the current view
* 1, 2, 3, ..., 0 to restore a saved view

All viewport controls in Unreal Engine:

Commit Details:

Full Hash: e6966f3a652e9d49cdfcad7bfb61b18d9aa86fcf
Parent Commit: 5aa0c14
Lines Changed: +590, -140

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