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Andrew Wiggin (ender79)

Total Commits : 110
Master Commits : 110
Branch Commits : 0
First Commit : September 11, 2011
Latest Commit : February 4, 2012

Commits by Month

DateNumber of Commits
February, 20121
January, 20123
December, 20119
November, 201126
October, 201149
September, 201122

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Code Changes

ActionTotalPer Commit
Lines Added6 41558.9
Lines Removed4 19838.5

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Revision 936af71 by Andrew Wiggin (master)
February 4, 2012, 14:23 (GMT)
Bring BME_bevel code back (stage 1), porting it from the old BKE_bmesh to the new BMesh methods and data structures, and turns on compilation of this again. This makes the code work but isn't using it to do the bevel modifier just yet - that's coming next.
Revision ce90b47 by Andrew Wiggin (master)
January 26, 2012, 12:39 (GMT)
Fix [#29984] Loop select crash on some wire edge meshes

Crash was because the loop walker's wire edge handling wasn't general enough (handled only wire edges that were connected to exactly one other wire edge)

Revision da84f3d by Andrew Wiggin (master)
January 7, 2012, 21:16 (GMT)
Fix build break with double-definition of EXR stubs

A better solution would be to mark all function in openexr_multi.h as forceinline or static, but this change just fixes it to work for the reason trunk works: the header defining the stubs is only needs to be included in one .c file
Revision cce23a7 by Andrew Wiggin (master)
January 7, 2012, 20:53 (GMT)
Fix broken normals with mirror modifier
Revision 85242e9 by Andrew Wiggin (master)
December 31, 2011, 17:46 (GMT)
Fix blenderplayer build (by adding missing bad level call stubs)

Revision 87702e1 by Andrew Wiggin (master)
December 28, 2011, 21:38 (GMT)
Fix loading .blend files (disable pre-bmesh forward-compat code for loading MPolys and converting to MFaces)
Revision e883fa1 by Andrew Wiggin (master)
December 2, 2011, 17:17 (GMT)
Adjust face menu links to "mirror uvs" and "mirror colors" to use the bmesh n-gon-compatible replacements "reverse uvs" and "reverse colors"
Revision 397aad2 by Andrew Wiggin (master)
December 2, 2011, 16:57 (GMT)
Reverse default direction of "rotate colors" to match the (only rotation direction) of rotate colors in trunk
Revision 1906410 by Andrew Wiggin (master)
December 2, 2011, 16:56 (GMT)
Remove face menu (ctrl+f) links to f-gon commands
Revision fbdff29 by Andrew Wiggin (master)
December 1, 2011, 18:38 (GMT)
Fix for RNA_warning crashing on MSVC release builds

MSVC is not C99-compliant, but with the macro as it was, the "args" part was consuming and dropping one of the params, so the format string wanted N extra args, and there were only N-1... boom, crash! Without "args" this works correctly (checked on MSVC10 release build)

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