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Blender smoke update: domain border collisions

Mar-17-2010    0 Comments

Domain Collision SettingsI just finished a new feature for Blender smoke simulator: a possibility to change how smoke collides with domain borders.

The old system let smoke go through top and bottom sides of the domain but not the "walls". That caused some problems when using strong horizontal wind.

Now it's also possible to make the smoke to not collide any side or to collide with every side of the domain.


Added a possibility to change "Initial Velocity" multiplier.

Updated code patch can be downloaded here: smoke_collision_patch2_rev29368.patch
I have also updated my Blender Builds to use this patch.

Posted by MiikaH at 18:46

Category:Blender, Development
Tags: Blender, Smoke, Patch, Collision

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