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Dynamic Paint Controlled Particle Emission

Jan-26-2012    8 Comments

This time I was experimenting with idea of Dynamic Paint being able to emit particles. Since this isn't possible with any official release of Blender I coded a basic system to try it out.

Here is the result. You see particles "painting" holes into the wall, and those painted holes creating more particles:

However this is just a highly experimental hack built on top of Blender's current particle system, so I'm not going to release the code.

But you can take this as a preview of what's coming whenever the new particle system becomes available. Then I'll start working on Dynamic Paint support right away. :)

Posted by MiikaH at 08:36

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Jan-26-2012 10:00
cool demo!
i tought it's possible to set texture to affect born "density" and that it will make the same behaviour
Jan-26-2012 10:21

Thats one of the biggest problems in current particle system: you cant. Emission textures or vertex groups are only calculated in the first frame of particles. So using "animated" textures/weights simply doesn't work. :(
Big Fan
Jan-27-2012 06:00
>coming whenever the new particle system becomes available

bring it on! ;)
Jan-31-2012 08:27
Manuel Lop
Feb-25-2012 00:09
Hi, I am woundering do u know of a way to make the rain paritcle work in cycles cause it wont work with the current version and i was woundering if u know how to do this, because i am working on a short animation film and rain is a key element in my movie and i was woundering if you could help me.

Mar-14-2012 22:38
Wow ! That the king of effect I want to do the first time I see you nice tool Dynamic Paint. Somebody know if developper works on the news particles systems ? Particles limits in Blender is a real show stopper for many things.
Jeremiah R
Apr-20-2012 03:26
That is cool I wonder though can you make the higher holes stop before the lower holes at leaking the fluid. Keep it up. The review thing was a pain so couldnt do the 5 stars lol cya
Cosi Fantu Teh
Mar-24-2013 18:53
Any news about the expected dynamic particles? Would you publish now the highly experimental hack, so all of us can beneficiate with it?

Thank you very much for your great work improving Blender, Miika. You rule!



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