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Blender fire testing + .blend files

Aug-10-2012    12 Comments

Blender Burning PlaneNow that Google Summer of Code 2012 is almost over it's time for heavy testing and final improvements of my Blender smoke project.

This week I have been experimenting with different fire simulation and render setups to find out new ways to improve simulation quality. While testing out new code I also prepared three fire scenes for download so you can start playing with fire too without having to do days worth of experiments. :p

Check out the renders here:

Unfortunately there still isn't a single click "Make awesome fire!" button. Setting up realistic scene still takes lots of tweaking for both simulation and render. However simulating fire in general should be now much easier with these GSoC changes.

Burning Plane

This scene is an extreme example of texture controlled emission. A cloud texture with animated z-offset is used to generate additional turbulence to fire. This gives a huge visual improvement over a plane that emits fire evenly across whole surface.

Download: burning_plane.blend

Burning Sphere

The basic idea of this scene is very similar to previous one. However this time texture is tweaked with a color ramp to emit some fire even from darkest areas of the texture.

Download: burning_sphere.blend

Fire Pillar

This is a very basic scene I used to test high fuel/flame emitter. Notice how I have unticked "Absolute Density" checkbox from flow, making it "additive" instead. This way fuel can smoothly increase to very high amounts creating long lasting tall flames.

Download: fire_pillar.blend

Please note that to use these .blend files you need a Blender "soc-2012-fried_chicken" branch build of r49779 or later. All scenes are also quite heavy so it's better bake the cache. :)

Update: My smoke code has now been merged to Blender trunk. So any trunk revision of r51259 or later will do. :)

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Aug-10-2012 20:58
We already have quick explode, quick fur, quick smoke and quick water. What about well-tuned Quick Fire? It would be awesome.
Larry Phillips
Aug-10-2012 21:52
The link for Burning Sphere is burning_plane.blend

Thank you for all the fantastic work you're doing.

Aug-10-2012 21:56
Quick smoke operator already has a "Fire" setting in the operator toolbar. However this kind of "tuned" scenes are too heavy for quick operators.

Thanks, fixed. :)
Aug-15-2012 04:06
Thank you SO much for this! just seeing your colour ramp for the flame was super helpful! Dropping to transparent on both sides of the ramp does so much for the realism!
Aug-15-2012 23:07
Amazing Work! Can´t believe this is real.

Wow !

Thank You so much - and have a lot of Fun!
mike kelly
Oct-03-2012 21:23
why o why wasnt all the improvements to the smoke and fire simulations included in this release. aaaaarrrrrggggggg.all i want for christmas is any reason. please.
Oct-09-2012 07:55
Hey, people, will soc-2012-fried be merged into the main trunk? It's very useful, but it's not uncomfortable to keep several builds on computer.
Oct-15-2012 20:27
for some reason smoke is turning multi-colored in the viewport only,renders as expected, but not in viewport. if anyone else is noticing this can someone leave a note here.looks really cool though. but just wasted about 3 hours trying to figure out what i was doing wrong. then the next day happened again. just would like to know if its just me.:) happy blending .
Nikolay Vasyukov
Oct-17-2012 09:45
I love all work you are doing, thanks for your hard effort!
Dec-04-2012 10:07
hi, when i try to bake the smoke by pressing "Bake" in fire_pillar.blend
Blender crashes at 16 % progress. I use blender 2.64.9. rev 52764 under mac os x lion, 10.7.5
Dec-07-2012 20:16
Are we allowed to use these .blend files in our own films? Are they copyrighted?
Jan-02-2013 10:05
@amysidra: It's the compositing node setup. You can check my old fire tutorial for more details about it: https://miikahweb.com/en/articles/blenderfire#4

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