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Blender Explosion Testing

Feb-12-2013    1 Comment

Blender Smoke ExplosionToday I was playing with smoke simulator to make sure it still works fine for the Blender 2.66 release. I ended up doing a high resolution explosion scene that uses most of the new features from my GSoC 2012 work.

This explosion uses force fields to create additional turbulence to the simulation. Fire particles (floating by the "smoke flow" force field) add smaller detail. Also emitters and some of their properties are animated to give more control over the simulation.

For final render I used domain resolution of 96 + 32 additional "adaptive domain" resolution, so total 160 base resolution. Baking it high resolution enabled took couple of hours.

If you feel like playing with the setup, you can download the final .blend file here:

Posted by MiikaH at 14:11

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Feb-13-2013 23:12
nice setup - thx for sharingnnfinally smoke sim is usable - thx for thatnnand have a nice day

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