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Yet another Blender smoke test

Jun-01-2013    2 Comments

Yet another Blender smoke testYeah, here goes again, more playing with Blender smoke simulator. This time I wanted to try a bit larger simulation utilizing adaptive domain and my other latest improvements.

Here is the result. Sorry, not gonna upload .blend file for this one:

Adaptive domain was a great help as it allowed really fast bakes of the first 70 frames. Basically I was able to do dozens of low res tests for the first rocket with barely a minute wait each. Smoke motion was heavily guided by animated force fields.

Overall I'm quite happy with it, even though the wind is too strong and dust is rising way too fast for that large scale. (That wasn't visible in the first hundred frames I mainly tested with...) Yet I didn't want to spend another evening tweaking and re-baking so just decided to render that one.

That model is slightly modified version of MLRS by SONGKRO from Blend Swap.

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Big Fan
Jun-06-2013 09:55
I see the potential but this one does look a little odd. Sorta Thunderbirds like but I am sure with optimal settings it would be really cool. Appreciate the capability though. Thanks for your good works :)
Jun-14-2013 15:56
I like the dust/sand look shading...ncan you share your scene?nnthanks.

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