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Program Info:

Name: SyncBack
Author: 2BrightSparks
Lisence: Freeware
OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista
Updated: Mar-03-2013
Homepage: 2BrightSparks
SyncBack is a file backup and synchronizing tool.

SyncBack lets you to create profiles that define the source and destination folder, required actions and other settings for wanted action. It can be a backup or a synchronization process. You can define file formats to not get copied, or set if files that exist only in destination folder should be deleted or not.

When the profile is ready, you can run it in one click or set it to be run automaticly at a certain time or day. SyncBack can also simulate the run to see what it would have done in a real process.

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Change log :

SyncBack V3.2.26.0 [Freeware] (November 2010)

New: Hebrew translations by Meir Kanal
Updated: Spanish translations
Updated: New option (as in SE/Pro) to optionally set local files date and time to match the file on the FTP server

SyncBack V3.2.20.0 [Freeware] (January 2010)

New: Japanese translations.
New: Finnish translations by Jarkko Mäkineva.
Fixed: Root folder in folder selections sometimes not automatically ticked when sub-folder ticked.
Fixed: Various minor bug fixes and tweaks.
Fixed: Sometimes uses wrong date and time format on Windows 7.
Updated: Installer, certificates, and help file.
Updated: Dutch translations updated by Sander Lambregts.
Updated: Simplified Chinese translations by Zuo Weiming.

SyncBack V3.2.19.0 [Freeware] (August 2008)

New: Option to ignore file date and time changes due to DST (enabled by default).
Fixed: Installer sets SyncBack installation folder permissions so files can be created and delete there, e.g. log files.
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Finnish DELboy
May-10-2009 23:48
tää on hyvä kun ei tarvii enää huolehtia varmuuskopioista

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