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Total commits : 13
Total committers : 2
First Commit : June 18, 2020
Latest Commit : June 18, 2020

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June 18, 202013


AuthorNumber of Commits
Sergey Sharybin10
Sergey Sharybin3

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June 18, 2020, 14:19 (GMT)
Cycles: Make compatible with C++17 on 10.9 deployment target

OSLRenderServices contains a member which is 64 bytes aligned and this
is onlys supported by default allocators in SDK 10.14. Since we take
care of allocation ourselves ignoring the diagnostic is an acceptable
way dealign with it.
June 18, 2020, 13:43 (GMT)
Fix typo in previous commit

Is really hard to fix 3 platforms at the same time.
June 18, 2020, 13:27 (GMT)
Fix on Linux platform

Quite annoying that GCC has different ideas of implicit sign
conversion than MSVC.
Revision dc7c061 by Sergey Sharybin (temp-cxx-upgrade)
June 18, 2020, 13:18 (GMT)
Freestyle: Fix compilation error with C++17

AutoPtr class became a sub-class of unique_ptr with some special magic
to mimic behavior of auto_ptr for copy constructor.

The code was already there, but for some reason visual studio did not
set __cplusplus correctly for some reason.

The other change is remove of binary function usage, which is not
needed in the Freestyle code.
Revision 2c53c39 by Sergey Sharybin (temp-cxx-upgrade)
June 18, 2020, 13:16 (GMT)
Quadriflow: Fix compilation error with C++17

Unary function has been removed.
Unless I'm missing something subclass is not needed here.
Revision 369dc20 by Sergey Sharybin (temp-cxx-upgrade)
June 18, 2020, 13:15 (GMT)
Tests: Use explicit signature constants

Are reported by MSVC 2019 after C++17 switch.

One might suggest lets just silence the warning, I will say why to have
specific signed/unsigned types in API just to then (usafely) ignore the
sign conversion.
June 18, 2020, 11:36 (GMT)
Fix Glog compilation error on Windows

Some files are to be included on all platforms now.
June 18, 2020, 11:23 (GMT)
Upgrade Google libraries

Upgrades Glog from 0.3.5 to 0.4.0, and Gtest from 0.8.0 to 0.10.0.

Hopefully this will solve compilation error on MSVC with C++17.
June 18, 2020, 09:34 (GMT)
Ceres: Switch from OpenMP to C++ threads

Should fix unit test linking, and is something we want to use anyway.
June 18, 2020, 09:19 (GMT)
Make BLI_edgehash_test compatible with C++17

random_shuffle was removed (at least the used version).
June 18, 2020, 09:01 (GMT)
Upgrade C++ standard to C++17

Ref T76783
June 18, 2020, 08:48 (GMT)
Ceres: Update to the latest upstream version

Using latest master because of various compilation error fixes.

Brings a lot of recent development. From most interesting parts:

- New threading model.
- Tiny solver.
- Compatibility with C++17.
June 18, 2020, 08:48 (GMT)
Update C++ standard to C++14

This is an intermittent state to get all dependencies to compile.

For example, the latest Ceres is needed to bring C++17 support,
but it has bumped minimal requirement to C++14.

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