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George Vogiatzis (Gvgeo)

Total Commits : 10
Master Commits : 10
Branch Commits : 0
First Commit : April 3, 2019
Latest Commit : May 23, 2019

Commits by Month

DateNumber of Commits
May, 20195
April, 20195

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Lines Added48048.0
Lines Removed23023.0

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Revision 352474c by George Vogiatzis / Brecht Van Lommel (master)
May 23, 2019, 13:27 (GMT)
Fix T65002: after hiding edit mode object, clicking in wireframe mode crashes

Differential Revision:
Revision 1813b26 by George Vogiatzis / Brecht Van Lommel (master)
May 10, 2019, 15:16 (GMT)
Fix T64434: error with save system info after recent changes

Differential Revision:
Revision b8d806c by George Vogiatzis / Clment Foucault (master)
May 4, 2019, 12:11 (GMT)
UI: Add Look Developer Balls Size option

Note: Some adjustments were made compared to the diff mainly for code
readability and made the default ball size 150px.

Reviewed By: fclem

Differential Revision:
Revision a8bdb35 by George Vogiatzis / Brecht Van Lommel (master)
May 1, 2019, 16:05 (GMT)
UI: move object origin size preference to themes

Differential Revision:
Revision df712d7 by George Vogiatzis / Brecht Van Lommel (master)
May 1, 2019, 15:17 (GMT)
UI: improve readability of Normals menu in edit mode

Also rename operators to match names in the menu.

Differential Revision:
Revision 7f45e79 by George Vogiatzis / Brecht Van Lommel (master)
April 25, 2019, 16:19 (GMT)
Cleanup: remove unneeded screen_refresh_headersizes

screen_geom_vertices_scale already checks if areas are too small for header.
And header size will be set in region_rect_recursive from ED_area_initialize.

Differential Revision:
Revision 4d11288 by George Vogiatzis / Brecht Van Lommel (master)
April 25, 2019, 16:19 (GMT)
UI: keep timeline collapsed to header size when resizing window

This restores functionality lost with e8c9e85401ef.

Differential Revision:
Revision 7655b32 by George Vogiatzis / Brecht Van Lommel (master)
April 8, 2019, 20:51 (GMT)
Fix T63386: text editor footer added multiple times.

Differential Revision:
Revision a180b75 by George Vogiatzis / Jacques Lucke (master)
April 5, 2019, 11:48 (GMT)
Interface: New region type 'Footer', used by text editor

* It can be hidden by dragging it up/down.
* It can be at the top or bottom, independent of the header.
* It uses the color theme from the header.
* It does not change its color, when the area becomes active.

Currently, it is used in the text editor to display the file path.

Differential Revision:
Revision 822c673 by George Vogiatzis / Jacques Lucke (master)
April 3, 2019, 13:01 (GMT)
UI: Fix odd behavior in region sizing, simplify code

* When resizing sidebars, don't collapse when the region becomes too big but
instead clamp the region size to the available space.
* Fix clicking the tab to expand sidebars no working if the sidebar is too
wide to fit. Instead make it less wide so it does fit.
* Fix incorrect limit on tool properties region height, for example in the
file browser.

Differential Revision:

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