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Dynamic Paint vertex group painting

Jun-18-2011    4 Comments

GSoC 2011Vertex group painting that I was experimenting with in January, is now finally available for download. I committed it to soc-2011-carrot branch earlier today, so just get a Carrot branch build at revision 37622 or later. You can get Windows builds from MiikaHweb Blender Builds section.

I also uploaded two example .blend files you can use to try out Dynamic Paint's new realtime vertex painting functionality.

This demo shows how to use Dynamic Paint's vertex level color and displace:
Dynamic Paint vertex color and displace
Download .blend

This demo shows how to use vertex weight groups to control particle hair length. This one is very similar to the "Grass Worm" video I posted earlier.
Dynamic Paint vertex weight groups
Download .blend

One critical component is still missing though. Currently there is really no proper way to render vertex colors in Blender. It's only possible to render one layer at time and only use it as diffuse color. :(
That's something I'm planning to improve later this summer.

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Jun-18-2011 22:34
That was awesome!
Jun-19-2011 07:44
Oh, you're right!

That's good news indeed. Nodes are a lot clumsier to setup, compared to adding a texture and clicking a few checkboxes but at least it works. :)
Jun-19-2011 22:38

Another addition to this 'paint arsenal'
could be vertex weight painting on 'canvas object' based on 'painter object(s)' velocity(ies).
Jun-20-2011 17:40
To explain what i meant.

Lets say we have a stack of boxes that are falling driven with bullet physics simulation system and they had to hit subdivided plane surface beneath them. Boxes also collide with each other so they are coming to plane with different speeds which finally results in different weight coloring on surface places that were hit.

This would be very useful for realistic mesh deformation for example.

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