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Name: 3DMark
Version: Vantage 1.0.1
Author: Futuremark
Lisence: Free / Limited
OS: Windows Vista
Updated: Jun-15-2008
Homepage: Futuremark
3DMark is a tool to test the performance of computer and graphics card.

A new version of 3DMark is released every year or two, always using the newest technology so it's a good way to find how well your PC runs the games in future. 3DMark06 requires a DirectX 9.0 compatible video card.

3DMark requires a graphics card supporting all the newest features. Therefore 3DMark Vantage requires a DirectX 10 capable GPU. Users that have an older PC can still use any previous version of 3DMark.

- 3DMark2001 is the last version that works perfectly on a DirectX 8 based video card benchmarking vertex shaders and the general performance.
- 3DMark03, 3DMark05 and 3DMark06
uses DirectX 9 stuff, like pixel shaders. 3DMark06 requires at least Shader Model 2.0 compatible graphics card.
- The latest version, 3DMark Vantage, is using DirectX 10 in all the tests and requires Windows Vista and DirectX 10.0 compatible graphics card. (Radeon HD2000 series or Geforce 8000 series or any better). Vantage uses new geometry shader for real-time physics, cloth and particle simulation.

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Ei ees toimi mun koneella xD

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