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Program Info:

Name: Blender
Version: 2.66a
Lisence: Open Source (GNU GPL)
OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista Linux Mac OS X
Updated: Mar-07-2013

Download from program's website
Name : Blender 2.66a
File : blender-2.66a-windows32.exe
Blender is an Open Source 3D creation suite. It has many features usually found in commercial software only.

It is one of today's fastest developing 3D-software. Open source code and active community allows very fast development of new features.

Blender supports all the common modeling methods including mesh-models, NURBS, Metaballs, subdivision modeling and sculpting. It also has tens of modifiers that can be applied to the models without affecting the original mesh.

Animating with Blender is possible with special tools as "Shape keys" (allowing facial animations etc.) and an IPO editor to manage any animation as a graphical curve. Also particles, rigid body physics, soft body, cloth, smoke and fluid simulation can be used to create realistic effects.

Rendering in Blender is possible using internal renderer or YafRay. Also other renderers are available via custom builds or scripts. Blender's internal renderer supports indirect lighting, hair, Sub Surface Scattering, Ambient Occlusion, Soft shadows, Motion blur and advanced materials: reflections, refractions, transparency and usage tens of simultaneous textures.

Blender also has tools like post-processing unit, game engine and game creating tools, Python scripting language and sound sequencer.

Download the Software:

Download the Software

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Finnish Joonas
May-17-2009 06:08
StarStarStarStarDark Star
Vaikea oppia mutta erittäin hyvä ilmaiseksi ohjelmaksi.
Finnish Joonas S.
Feb-08-2010 16:12
StarStarStarStarDark Star
Ihan hyvä ohjelma. tosin logiikka ja ne pien säätö jutut on vähän vaikeita
Sep-24-2012 05:16
Your site is extremely interesting for me. I am a Blender beginner but I like it very much. The list containing the programms is also very, very interesting!
I am not a professional. I spend at least 3 three hours per day using Blender. Sometimes I use 10 hours per day when I have a day off and I am not so tired. I would like to ask you some questions if I do not understand something in using Blender. Of course if you are available. I will not make your time buzy!
Best regards, Nistor Sterea

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