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Program Info:

Name: Anvil Studio
Version: 2013.03.01
Author: Willow Software
Lisence: Freeware
OS: Windows 9x, Windows XP, Windows Vista
Updated: Mar-04-2013
Homepage: Anvil Studio
Anvil Studio is a MIDI-composing tool.

With Anvil Studio you can create new MIDI-songs easily, either by adding notes one by one or recording them in realtime. It's also possible to use regular keyboard or an external MIDI-keyboard to emulate piano keys.
The final soundtrack may contain multiple simultaneous instruments. It is also possible to open and edit any *.mid file.

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Change log :

Changes in version 2012.10.06:
* Added support the fretboard, TAB editor and Percussion editor when the Copy Me accessory is active, so that when the mouse moves over a note, the correct fret position or drum is highlighted, and when the Step button is pressed or MIDI event occurs, it works with those editors as well.
* Dragging notes from the palette to the staff now works properly when the Triplet, Quintuplet, or Septuplet checkbox is set.
* Improved beam lines.
* When Pro-Mix is installed, and 2 or more MIDI Out ports have the same name, e.g. USB Midi, Anvil Studio remembers which synthesizers were connected to each from one session to then next.
* Several subtle improvements.

Changes in version 2012.10.02:
* Able to load more VST-Instruments including Proteus VX.
* Now runs on systems that don't have .Net 2.0 installed, but do have .Net 4.0 installed.
* Improved ability to select, move, and stretch symbols like slurs, crescendo, etc.

Changes in version 2012.09.02:
* Improved the Staff editor's Chord Builder tool.
* Print-Sheet accessory now allows more header lines.
* Some minor problems were also fixed.

Changes in version 2012.08.08:
* To set the volume/balance for multiple tracks to constant or change them by a percentage, either:
** press and hold the Shift key while clicking on a track's volume control, or
** right-click a track's volume control and select the popup menu item Change Volume for multiple tracks.
Problems fixed in this version:
* View / Track Automation / Reset All: Automation for all tracks in song sometimes did nothing.
* When multiple notes were selected only in the treble or bass clef and the Properties pop-up was selected, it sometimes missed some notes.
* Since version 2012.08.01, rhythm tracks were reverting to Instrument tracks.

Changes in version 2012.08.06:
* Anvil Studio now works well with more VST-Instruments, including the Garritan Aria Player.
* File / Repair Song deletes redundant, unnecessary events.
* File / Save deletes all EndOfTracks except the last one.

Changes in version 2012.08.01:
* Added Chord Builder tool to the staff editor.
* Insert tempo changes at the current song position by clicking the Tempo icon at the top of the screen.
* Made several minor improvements to the staff editor.
Problems fixed in this version:
* File / Export Mixed Audio sometimes generated distortion when set to ASIO mode.

Changes in version 2012.07.01:
* Added checkbox to Key Signature and Custom Time Signature dialogs to allow changes to apply to all tracks.
* Enhanced Track/Merge menu - it includes an option to merge all enabled tracks, and supports filtering out short notes.
* Added a Zoom control to the TAB viewer.
Problems fixed in this version:
* Since version 2012.06.01, the View / Lyrics menu would sometimes not cause lyrics to be visible.
* More VST-Instruments are now supported, including the Korg M1 Le.
* Works well with more VST-Instrument Editors.
* Other minor problems.

Problems fixed in version 2012.06.03:
* Fixed some bugs with editing note properties with the staff editor and shortcuts that affect note properties.

Changes in version 2012.06.02:
* When playing a song that has VST-Instrument tracks and no audio tracks, adjusting the Audio Mix Vol slider while the song is playing no longer causes the song to pause. Adjusting this slider can eliminate VST-Instrument distortion.
* Got around a problem where some VST-Instruments would crash when bringing their editor via the View / Mixer's FX button.

Changes in version 2012.06.01:
* Added View / Options / Staff / Automatically generate tied notes checkbox, which changes staff so that if two notes are displayed in the same measure of the same clef,
e.g. a half note starts at beat 1 and quarter note starts at beat 2, the half note is displayed as 2 tied quarter notes.
* Audio samples can be dragged from Windows Explorer folders to the staff editor and dragged right/left within the staff editor.
* Audio files can also be dragged to Audio editor and piano roll's Edit Samples window.
* Added support for Locrian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian modes to the existing Major and Minor keys.
* With the Pro-Mix accessory, if you right-click Edit Midi Effects and select Pitch Bend, and set the checkbox Reset pitchbend at the end of the note, it now works better.
* When using Note Properties to change the duration for a range of notes, it was shifting following notes.
* Using the Lengthen/Shorten note shortcuts keys now works better when operating on a selection of multiple notes.
* Fixed several other bugs.
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