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Program Info:

Name: Anvil Studio
Version: 2013.03.01
Author: Willow Software
Lisence: Freeware
OS: Windows 9x, Windows XP, Windows Vista
Updated: Mar-04-2013
Homepage: Anvil Studio
Anvil Studio is a MIDI-composing tool.

With Anvil Studio you can create new MIDI-songs easily, either by adding notes one by one or recording them in realtime. It's also possible to use regular keyboard or an external MIDI-keyboard to emulate piano keys.
The final soundtrack may contain multiple simultaneous instruments. It is also possible to open and edit any *.mid file.

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Change log :

Changes in version 2012.10.06:
* Added support the fretboard, TAB editor and Percussion editor when the Copy Me accessory is active, so that when the mouse moves over a note, the correct fret position or drum is highlighted, and when the Step button is pressed or MIDI event occurs, it works with those editors as well.
* Dragging notes from the palette to the staff now works properly when the Triplet, Quintuplet, or Septuplet checkbox is set.
* Improved beam lines.
* When Pro-Mix is installed, and 2 or more MIDI Out ports have the same name, e.g. USB Midi, Anvil Studio remembers which synthesizers were connected to each from one session to then next.
* Several subtle improvements.

Changes in version 2012.10.02:
* Able to load more VST-Instruments including Proteus VX.
* Now runs on systems that don't have .Net 2.0 installed, but do have .Net 4.0 installed.
* Improved ability to select, move, and stretch symbols like slurs, crescendo, etc.

Changes in version 2012.09.02:
* Improved the Staff editor's Chord Builder tool.
* Print-Sheet accessory now allows more header lines.
* Some minor problems were also fixed.

Changes in version 2012.08.08:
* To set the volume/balance for multiple tracks to constant or change them by a percentage, either:
** press and hold the Shift key while clicking on a track's volume control, or
** right-click a track's volume control and select the popup menu item Change Volume for multiple tracks.
Problems fixed in this version:
* View / Track Automation / Reset All: Automation for all tracks in song sometimes did nothing.
* When multiple notes were selected only in the treble or bass clef and the Properties pop-up was selected, it sometimes missed some notes.
* Since version 2012.08.01, rhythm tracks were reverting to Instrument tracks.

Changes in version 2012.08.06:
* Anvil Studio now works well with more VST-Instruments, including the Garritan Aria Player.
* File / Repair Song deletes redundant, unnecessary events.
* File / Save deletes all EndOfTracks except the last one.

Changes in version 2012.08.01:
* Added Chord Builder tool to the staff editor.
* Insert tempo changes at the current song position by clicking the Tempo icon at the top of the screen.
* Made several minor improvements to the staff editor.
Problems fixed in this version:
* File / Export Mixed Audio sometimes generated distortion when set to ASIO mode.

Changes in version 2012.07.01:
* Added checkbox to Key Signature and Custom Time Signature dialogs to allow changes to apply to all tracks.
* Enhanced Track/Merge menu - it includes an option to merge all enabled tracks, and supports filtering out short notes.
* Added a Zoom control to the TAB viewer.
Problems fixed in this version:
* Since version 2012.06.01, the View / Lyrics menu would sometimes not cause lyrics to be visible.
* More VST-Instruments are now supported, including the Korg M1 Le.
* Works well with more VST-Instrument Editors.
* Other minor problems.

Problems fixed in version 2012.06.03:
* Fixed some bugs with editing note properties with the staff editor and shortcuts that affect note properties.

Changes in version 2012.06.02:
* When playing a song that has VST-Instrument tracks and no audio tracks, adjusting the Audio Mix Vol slider while the song is playing no longer causes the song to pause. Adjusting this slider can eliminate VST-Instrument distortion.
* Got around a problem where some VST-Instruments would crash when bringing their editor via the View / Mixer's FX button.

Changes in version 2012.06.01:
* Added View / Options / Staff / Automatically generate tied notes checkbox, which changes staff so that if two notes are displayed in the same measure of the same clef,
e.g. a half note starts at beat 1 and quarter note starts at beat 2, the half note is displayed as 2 tied quarter notes.
* Audio samples can be dragged from Windows Explorer folders to the staff editor and dragged right/left within the staff editor.
* Audio files can also be dragged to Audio editor and piano roll's Edit Samples window.
* Added support for Locrian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian modes to the existing Major and Minor keys.
* With the Pro-Mix accessory, if you right-click Edit Midi Effects and select Pitch Bend, and set the checkbox Reset pitchbend at the end of the note, it now works better.
* When using Note Properties to change the duration for a range of notes, it was shifting following notes.
* Using the Lengthen/Shorten note shortcuts keys now works better when operating on a selection of multiple notes.
* Fixed several other bugs.
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Finnish leskinen jarmo
Dec-17-2009 13:26
tilasin anvil kotistudion ihan mielenkiinnosta koekäytössä oli sibelius ohjelma joka ei nyt kauheesti vakuuttanut katsotaan nyt mitä anvil tarjoaa oikeastaan aika mielenkiintoisia ohjelmia kun takana on 30v sävellystyötä ensi komenttina ei paha tutkitaan ei hutkita aika näyttää hinta ei ainakaan ole esteenä mutta jokainen ohjelma maksaa erikseen mutta sekään ei ole esteenä jos tyytyy vaatimattomaan ja omaa nuottitaitoa tähän menessä ok
Finnish subi
Oct-10-2010 14:19
Onko sulla olemassa anvil studioon suomenkielisiä ohjeita?

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