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Revision d75c410 by William Reynish (userpref_redesign)
December 29, 2018, 13:18 (GMT)
Another round of tweaks to new Preferences

- Removed doubled Cycles Compute Device text
- Moved header placement into menus panel
- Moved Text panel & rna to Interface
- Moved OpenGL Texture panel inside OpenGL panel
- Moved Color Picker Type to from System>Misc to Interface>Menus (eventually it'd be nice to include this option inside the color pickers themselves to make it more useful and discoverable)
- Combined all memory-related preferences (Undo + Console Scrollback + Sequencer Cache) in a Memory panel in System section (avoids needing previous Misc panel)
- Added correct greying out to Files > Auto Run Python Scripts panel
- Added flow layout to Save & Load checkboxes
- Rejiggered some of the Texture preferences to make more logical sense together
- A few other minor adjustments

Commit Details:

Full Hash: d75c410bf575dd321521a935c4f08c769e4605f0
Parent Commit: 822aae0
Committed By: Julian Eisel
Lines Changed: +251, -259

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